Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just Another day....

Today has been long, filled with exams and times I should be studying. 7:30 a.m. -> 10:00 p.m.

The usual occurs, the head nod of falling asleep to a lecture, every so often.

Then my interesting class of Terrorism, one that must be taken with an open mind. There are well over 10 definitions of terrorism. When you broaden the term, and have it be unjust violent acts against civilians/ government, one just has to sit back and take all the examples in. There are so many occasions that the average person may not think is a terrorist act, but in reality is indeed.

Education makes one open their eyes, this is the way to growing and learning about the big world out there. Whether we are directly connected or will never be in close contact with the situation. I feel sorry for the average person who keeps a closed mind on such issues, it is sad.

For me being a person of life (ecology major), at points the topics, pictures, video clips become sickening. I read an article from an Anthropologist whom was Native American, she spoke for the American Indian side of two brutal occasions. I read the article for a paper I had to write, while sitting in starbucks, drinking my latte, in my "safe" environment. I became sick of what I read and imagined what these people had to deal with becuase it was us (United States), murdering them.

For now I will go for I have one last, but long class to go. I will post the link to the article.

~Breathe & Relax....

Haynes, Jeanette. “Terrorism in Native America: Interrogating the Past, Examining the Present, and Constructing a Libratory Future”. Anthropology & Education Quarterly 33(3):317-330. 2002.

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