Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 7

Okay! So yeah I'm sore!!!! Yesterday I went to my gym and ran my 7 x400m I Loved it!!! my knees hurt today though (oh well). I got out of work a little early because the one thing I had to do was outside and well the wind made that a problem.

So gym, ofcourse it was packed and the tred-n-shed class was about to start so I grabbed one of the last tredmills and began.  I started with a ten minute warmup one 5.0 to 5.5 Then I began, my first lap was at 8.0= 8min mile.. That went well I then ran 1/2 lap at 4.5 then walked at 3.5 for 1/2 lap. REPEAT.

At one point the tredmill made a weird noise!!! I thought I broke it.  So then ended up having to stop the tredmill and startover but atleast i was half way done.

I felt great after my 7th one (8.3), then 10min cool down.

today 3miles

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 6

Alright so I knew the weekends would be hard to stay motivated! And well Sunday took the best of me, I did not do my 45 min run.  We went to church then laid around all day and ate all junk food. Ha! great! I felt so bloated! Oh well monday was a new day!

Monday I went to the gym after work I tried to leave a little early to get to the gym to take the 5:15 cycle class, lil' too late so I decided to do my 3 mile run before the cycle class.  Also was so smart and forgot my iPOd great way to start!!!! I ran a pretty slow 3 miles starting at 10:50min mile to 9:50 to 9:13 then sprinting the last lap, I felt great afterwards!!!!

I did some awesome 10mins of stretching to use up time before the class...still had time so grabbed the fitness magazine and jumped on the eliptical...Then it was time for class!

This woman I've never had for an instructor, she was going around asking a group of woman if they had ever taken the class before (they hadn't) i'm still new to this class but I guess I was doing okay.  Later on in the class she pushed us hard! She made sure all of our bikes were at level 7, now I still am not used to the % for the turns and what not, but I must of been doing alright because she never changed my gears. That actually made me pretty happy! The class was high energy and made me exhuasted by the end but I finished strong!!!!

Today I have 7x400 hopefully at 5k pace....we will see.. now work

Saturday, January 23, 2010

3 mile

So today my boyfriend A and I woke up, last night we had talked about him going running with me in the morning and he said yes that he would as he is downing a beer! lol But then we decided to finish out 1 beer play monoploy and hit the head.  It is always so hard to wake up when its cold outside and dark, today was lightly sprinkling and overcast so its gloomy.  Well i finally got up at 7:30 to get ready for the run, dragged him out of bed to begin this, only one really interested was my puppy Rain who REALLY wanted to go! He jokes about wearing flip flops (sneakerss in truck)

Well we headed out on our journey through the neighborhoods today and it wasn't bad, we passed an old man on his daily walk and it was nice to get a run in with my boyfriend. This definately was a first.  He knows how much I want to run again in races so he is willing to help me out there!

So far my knees are just sore so thats good, I need to make sure I watch out for my shin splints which throughout college I had to maintain and the reason for quitting.  I look back now and wish I would of never quit cross country and track...but hey I can still do it now for the rest of my life!!!

Up next: 45mins run tomorrow, outside or tredmill????

Friday, January 22, 2010


So finally I have decided on something to write about atleast for about 30days... Though there is a work story i need to write up sometime...

OKay so my new goal is to run in a 8k (4.9miles) race on Feburary 20th here on one of the beaches in Charleston.  I will run 6 days a week like when I was in college, some days will be double days of mornign and evening running.  I don't care how difficult the first month will be but I will push through this just like I know I can.  I need a challenge that I can control in my life unlike all of the unexpected things that have been happening to me in the recent times.  I feel like for 2 years now I've just let things happen to me.  Like my urge to move to Charleston, I need to do everything to make this race happen.

I should be able to finish the race before 45 minutes which is how long I know I can run a 10k (college).  So lets get this going I started My personal program yesterday but ran for two days...

My program is structured I made it from my college schedule and other training schedules I found on line.  So it consists of 30-90 min runs some structured some pace.. 400meter repeats.  5x5x5s (5 min intervals 5k 5 times) cross training(XT) strength training.

So yesterday I went and did a cycling class which I love because they are crazy!!! Then I did a slow 10-14min mile 2miles total.

Today my butt is SORE from the bike seat!!!! lol but I love the feeling of using body parts that you forget about! What I really want is to find a school to do my 400s at and not on a tredmill

Fridays I have designated as my resting days except I do not rest the day before the race so that week is a little messed up..

But anyways!! Tomorrow I will start again I believe with a 3 mile run! then Sun with a 40 min easy run

Friday, January 8, 2010


I need something to write about that has a purpose...

Everything is becoming really random....

New years eve... I crashed my car...or I guess someone slammed into me..

I have been really useless since it...

The other people are fighting it and calling the police officer racist... I don't understand why people need to do this, it is quite frustrating...

I have no car and my new boyfriend is driving me 14miles to and from work everyday (he's not working takes 4 months off a year) and he is pretty much paying for everything at the moment.  He is a blessing..really..

I ran out of money...I (1) spent too much on holiday (2) haven't been working 40hrs due to holidays everymonth (3) had to pay on some student loans

I'm okay now...

I know no one reads this....I would still like help to figure out something to write to make me do something productive...

I haven't gone to the gym since before newyears...