Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Its Getting hot in Herrrrrr

Holy soreness batman! Since the weather decided to be un-godly hot and humid, lovely heat advisory and to top it off I’m lazy and did not get up at 6am for my run. I had to head to the gym to run. First off here in the Low Country it hasn’t been below 90 in a very very long time, I think early June? I may be exaggerating but not by a lot. I have been able to run at anytime with no problem, reason behind it is that is has been dry. Like desert dry. Oh ha, that couldn’t last for long. It has heavily rained too many times and now you could eat the air it is so FLIPPING humid. UGH.

So I head to the gym, I brought my new shoes for XT as well as my running shoes. I want to try and see if they will help my shins and what not during it. Also I just don’t think I should be jumping and other activities in my running shoes. Aren’t they just supposed to be for running? I believe it will help keep down the wear and tear on them.

Or I just like them because they are pretty and bright. The Under Armour AU Running shoe. Ha, I just looked it up. It is a low profile running shoe to go with your natural running style. Hmmm. I wouldn’t run in them I don’t think. They are tight, need really thin socks and the toe box is big. The 7.5s didn’t fit so I bought the 7s. Really got them for $40.00 so, I was told I need to shop around find different shoes. Since I cannot get my Brooks GTS10 any more, why must they always “upgrade.” DUDE if it’s not broken DON’T FIX ITTT.

Anyways, I slammed on my ipod, which I need new head phone. Listened to some tunes. Dang, Eminem gets me running good. Angry music just makes me run great. So I clocked out 4miles as prescribed my DR. S.C. at and around 8:41ish. Then I changed shoes and began my XT. I did a bunch of core work with legs and some arms. Weighted lungs +100, weighted squats 45, crunches 25, bicycle 50 hold plank 45 sec repeat 2x, my favorite slider workouts (furniture moving sliders) plank walk forward and backwards and military crawl forward and backwards (feet on the sliders). Bent over rows, curls, some more crunches for lower abs. Ooo another favorite cardio pushup (without the push up)

I felt completely out of shape my friends, I know I did it to myself for not XT since IDK sometime in June. I was doing so good last month then the birthday came and I just ate icecream all the time and bags of candy and a whole hummingbird cake (made with real humming birds) I drank wine too often. Yeah. Pretty bad. Now I am paying for it. Maybe I should jump on the “get sluttie” band wagon. Is it too late??? Am I too far gone?!

Anyways I left shaking some the workout, so I know I did good. This morning I am sore for the first time in a long time. So I feel good and pumped, but still slept through my 6am wakeup call ha-ha. Oh well baby steps my friends baby steps.

Happy Wednesday Who’s ready for some TEAM USA!?!?!?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Rainy Caddy Shack Style RUns

(Written 7-6-11)

I finished "The Long Run" today. It was really a book I could not put down. I know I have been talking about this book for a few days, but dang. How much more inspired do you need to be? I know this guy will never be 100% but he still never let an obstacle block him. However painful the miles were he did them. I hate to think how painful the rest of his life his. Obviously he is not the only person who has been in these circumstances, but he is fortunate to of had his story heard. Whether he initially wanted it heard.

All day I had planned to run my 5 miles after work, since for the life of me I could not get up at 6am to run. Then the time came to come home. What did I do? I grabbed "The Long Run" glass of wine and chocolate. Ugh. I have been here for weeks doing the same thing! Not so great. But once I completed the book I don't know I just couldn't sit there all night. I had to run. it was just wrong to be lazy and down in the dumps for no actual reason. I felt ashamed.

I put puppers in her kennel, laced my shoes up, slapped on Mr. Garmin and headed out. It rained for about an hour after I had gotten out of work. When I stepped outside the apartment the rain had all but stopped. Just sprinkling now. I always loved running in the rain or right after a storm in college. It just always felt good, and usually it ended up being a group easy run, with the XC or track team that was always a good day. I made sure to run through every puddle and wet spot that was in my way. It was going to be one of “though” runs. I ran towards downtown Summerville, which is just like a Nicholas Sparks book/movie, really quaint. One day I will take my camera with me (all photos were found on Google images).

Though the sky still appeared that it could open up and all helllllll-o could break loose. I ran through the downtown past the courthouse. Traffic was bad, as it can be for the small area. People from the bank and courthouse were just leaving work still. Then I got to a park, I remember the Flowertown Festival was here. So I ran through that, mud and wet everywhere. Loved it. Finally Mr. Garmin beeped that it was time to turn around and head back. So I did…

The Goal: 5miles at 8:42m/mile

The Run:

Mile Time

1 9:44

2 8:23

3 8:32

4 9:07

5 8:32

.01 23:11

5.01 44:30

As you can see I am really good at pacing…NOT. Love I’m all over the place. The first mile though Mr. Garmin and I did not agree. I didn’t know if it got the satellites and for the first .75 miles it said my pace at 14:30 hmmm okay.

NOTE: When I went to look up images of dark skies, this is the first image that popped up on Google images. Interesting....

Who doesn't love them some Caddy Shack? Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Long Run with some easy times

For a while now I have wanted to read “the Long Run,” it has been on my list since I found it almost a year ago. My big brother, a DC metro officer, was in a serious auto accident. It was not on duty, but leaving work to head home. Out of everyone involved his injuries were the most severe. (I thank all the loopsters who said a prayer for him) I think I should of read the book then and there. It may have helped me and my family understands what he was going through better, what was going on in my brothers’ head. But I am reading it now. If only now I could have the relationship we once had, awh, but reading a book can’t not solve that other issue.

Side: My brother has fully recovered by Christmas and is now back on the streets patrolling to keep us safe.

Of course there are differences, Long’s injuries were more severe, his road to recovery was longer, and my brother was not an Ironman…No he was superman. To me atleast. In the end it was the same struggles.

So far I am about half way through, I’ve cried and laughed. If you have not read this book. You really should!

Running… Yeah I do it. I have a plan that I am sort of following, I am so far away from any of the races I have planned. Wondering if I should sign up for one, like late sept or something. I have been enjoying my running freedom with Mr. Garmin. Yesterday I got up at 6 am for my run, put on the iPod, and heavy Mr. G and just ran. I did not have to think about it, it was great! I am still so giddy over the fact that he will keep trace of how much I have run and how fast. I am McLov’n it!

I decided on a whole new route, I left the apartments and headed toward the shopping center we live behind. Ran by all the shops, McCalisters, Marble slab (I have been eating wayyy to much ice cream), Target, World Market, Kohli etc. then turned and ran through some empty back roads. It reminded me of my running in college. We did our long runs on back country roads, it was great. Then heading back into the community that is adjacent to my apartment community. It was a boring run, yeah. It was slightly fast. Did not mean for it to be, I just felt good. I think I was avg 8:30 again. Trying to hold it down at 8:46 so I can train up for a 1:30:00 Pikermi.

Today I have 5 miles, I could not for the life of me get up at 6am for the run so that means I have a 90+F run this evening…yay me!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Birthday Blues and a great Gift!!!

My birthday was this past week…  I am not very fond of it these past two years.  I am very family oriented; I come from a large Italian family.  Family is friends, any chance we get we get together.  Anything we do is together.  The closest friends are the family.  This is how it has always been, I can tell my grandma anything and she has confided in me.  I am now 800 miles away from that sanctuary.  It is difficult.  I still escape to food.  For 10 days this is what I did, ate.  Bags of twizzelers, chocolate, pretzels, anything that sounded good, I ate it with out a care.  July may be ice-cream month, but it really should have been June.  I stopped in to Marble Slab wayyyy to many times. 

It really made me feel like junk in the end.  I did not run for 10 days.   I felt alone.  Which is so silly.  I have amazing friends and family down here.  Though I am not tied by blood or marriage to any one, these people are still here.  I have been with DBF for over a year and a half (1year 7months).  This is a big deal for me, his mom took us out to dinner for my birthday.  We sat, ate, and talked for hours.  I loved it.  Later, I sent her an e-mail thanking her for it, I expressed how it made me feel like I had family down here.  She responded with “you are family,” also that she is here for me and really would enjoy getting together more often.  I wanted to invite my friends over for dinner for my birthday, cook my families sauce.  Everyone was busy…or so I thought.  My girlfriend invited me over for a girls night.  Wine and hang out since she lost her job.  I get to her house late, couldn’t find a place to park all the while I am standing outside her house on the phone with my grandma telling her how I really haven’t celebrated my birthday (everyones too busy).  I was just so down.

I knock on the door.  My DBF answers…say wha?  I walk in and everyone yells “SURPRISE!”  I just stood there in shock, tears running down my face.  I have amazing friends and family down here.  I am so blessed to have this.   It was the best birthday ever, we made sushi and had wine.  Enjoyed each others company.  Everyone pitched in got me my own sushi making set.  I found out the the DBF and my best friend put it together and the DBF had my garmin sent there. 

So yes, this is right, I have my very own Garmin 405cx.  I love it.  Really trying to figure out what I want to name it.  He sure does have a mind of his own.  I have run 3 runs with it!   I feel so carefree !  I just strap it on and run!  Now more needing to decide which path I need to go.  I have also happily discovered that my “easy” pace is quite a bit faster than I thought.  I believed my “slow” running was in the 9min area.  NOPE.
8:10- 8:30  I vary a lot. 

What a happy surprise.  So since my birthday I have been back to me, running.  Though I don’t know if you guys have experienced this,  I am small = small wrists.  I put on the smaller band.  The Garmin still feels heavy and my arm swings in to my stomach sometimes.  Just have to pay attentions with my arm movement.  I hope I can get used to it. 

Well everyone, I hope you enjoy your independence day. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Draining Heat of Southern Summer

I am beginning to believe that this summer heat is getting to my head. Well at least about running. I just feel like my legs are 100lb weights that I am trying to carry! From reading and hanging around the loop I am sure it is just the killer heat. Which is normal for down here.

Last night I went to my regular bootcamp class. It didn’t appear that there were going to be many sacrifices, not many people showed up to be put in their place. The regular 13yo soccer boy, a 30something yo guy who just started running, a kid between 18-20 (really don’t know his age but he has tattoos) then few kids. The 30something yo guy was wearing a FLOWERTOWN 5k shirt, which I ran back in MARCH. I asked him how he did, he said great it was a PR for him 22:xx, he got 2nd in his age group. I said wow pretty good, I ran it too! He was like oh yeah? I told him I got 3rd place, he responded oh in your AG? Naw, overall… The look was priceless.

There used to be more but I think it is too hot out. This workout was mostly all cardio. While one person was pulling a tire with a rope the remaining people we doing a move; pushups, curls, lunges, etc. Every time I got to the running with a tire I just felt, well, slow. Like what the heck! During some of the group moves my shins were bothering me, darn it. I am really trying to keep the shins in tack. Definitely need to go back to yoga. My abs were slow too, but during all the free running with hands behind our head I could out run everyone. Like, by a lot. For our last move of the night, just sprinting, no tire, no hands behind your head. I felt like I was flying!

Best quote from the 18-20 yo, “dang girl WHO ARE YOUU TRAINING FOR?!” Note: I am pretty sure he is like a fighter or MMA, only because he acts like it and talked slight about it. Saying “this feels like I’m training for a fight” Whether he meant it as a joke? Or as hey I’ve trained like this for this type of thing?! Also must note, he threw up tonight at class. I am so happy that I can stomach these brutal workouts in the sun and heat.

I don’t get it, most of the night and Wednesday my legs felt huge and heavy then the last sprint of the night I was booking it. Maybe because it was 7pm by then and it cooled down.

This weekend I plan to do a long run, first long run (over 6miles) since my marathon in January…Well I think.. Runners Short Term Memory Loss (RSTML) has me!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tought Times and Slow miles

I particular enjoy the gym when I go, usually only for a class. I can’t do the Zumba or dance classes, the class I go to you have to re-think your sanity. I may be slightly sadistic for it, but anyone who enjoy running for 13.1, 26.2, 50+ miles is a little sick in the head anyways. My bootcamp class is one of the highlights of my week, and I get it twice a week. If I don’t come home dirty and cut up, I didn’t work hard enough!

As per usual I am paired up with a guy, because the women cannot keep up with me. Really not trying to boast but they don’t want to be near me. I am extremely competitive. This bootcamp class really brings it out and sadly everyone can see it. We typically go through stations and do drills, this time it involved quite a bit a weights for once. Two highlights I’ll just go over; fire hose and runs. I have before run with a fire hose up with another person. This time one person held the nozzle end and one person at the other end sitting on the ground. So the guy I was working with runs with the hose out to make it straight then has he is bear crawling back I have to on one side pull the whole thing back to me. Repeat for my other side. Then switch. This whole thing 3x in our time period. AWSOMENESS! Then the last drill we had was side step, run backwards, run from one side of the parking lot to the other and back. My buddy and I begin, we are neck and neck the whole time. We turn for the run and he blows by me! I am hot on this kids heels, def not letting him have it easy. If I know anything I know I will out run him! We get to the turn around and he is out of steam, so I just keep booking it. I get to the finish and he is just start on the last turn ha-ha.

There were other personal trainers outside watching us, the one guy looks at me and says “little completive?”

Lesson learned; You may out sprint me in a short distance, but I will crush you in the end!

So I may not be training for an upcoming race but I am trying to keep my running up until then. I may start next month training for the Savannah Rock and Roll ½ in November, then marathon training sept for a January race. Last night I headed out on a 1.2 mile warmup to do some mile repeats. I thought about doing three, but I am really trying to not re-injury my shins. So I settled for 2x 1600m at 6:54 to see where I was. I honestly did not think I would be capable of this task. For starters I have not run mile repeats outside in who knows how long (I can bang them out on a TM), its 90+ degrees outside, I know I’m slow. So after minutes of telling myself I pretty much

Mile 1- just need to make it to the half mile by 3:30-3:40ish, Man it is effing hot out! T-shirt was madness. Look at watch 3:00 at the half way what? I feel so so slow, how can I keep up this pace? Finish 6:33.

Could not believe that one, def did not feel that fast (slow to many people fast to me), breathe, water, walk/jog.

Mile 2- just get it over with. My quads and hamstring felt so felt. I just wanted to stop and crawl. Why did I ever think I wanted to run? Mouth so dry. Finish 6:31.

What?! Negative splits? Take shirt off water, breath, ugh. I wanted to do a third but had to stop, I really don’t want to be sidelined because of my shins.
Poured remainder of water over my head, I hated carrying that water bottle full the 1.2miles to my workout location.
Went home, did some hanging knee raises (60).

Question for everyone, running with out shirt- sports bra and shorts acceptable in neighbor running? Or trails?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pains, Running, and Races

Making a return, a return with many meanings. First a return to blogging, I have been distant for a while. A return to great runs. A return to a near goal weight! I have been following some blogs on my google reader, jumping on runnersworld here and there. For almost a month I could not run. My weight has been fluctuating beyond belief.

It has been almost a month exactly since I went to Virginia which resulted in some horrible pains in my left leg. I still have not been to a sports medicine doctor about it or any other issues, BUT I do have a number for one! The pain went from my left heel to my knee to my hip. I couldn’t move or lay in beg with out sharp pain or constant annoyance. My bootcamp class I was actually not the fastest one and end up limping by the end. SO I have had to cool it down, just recently got back in to shape with running and my bootcamp style workouts. Running has been difficult lately, the shins say hello some times ughh. Pretty sure I just need new shoes. Just getting back into the groove of it, I don’t have any races lined up at all. With it being summer and all. I may think about a night race. September I will begin marathon training for the Charleston, SC River Front marathon in January. This will be my second.

I have recently been following up on the Loop kinda stalking around. Random comments.

My weight; I have been losing more. I am excited. although conflicted. I am pretty sure the gym balance is way off it always says the same weight (115lb). I tried a balance at my co-workers house and the week I was house sitting I going from 13.5 to 14.0 lbs so this is making me feel great. In August of 2009 I was at my highest 135lbs, may not seem like much but when you are only 4’ 11” it is a lot. My top running weight has always been from 100- 109 so I am getting closer. I am happy. Def with my cross training I have been doing, total body workouts with minimal weights. It helps my running too. This is why this spring I was running so well in my races. I plan to keep it all up. Hopefully I don’t random eat crap and gain it all back.

Okay, so now I am thinking pretty hard about doing the Savannah Rock and Roll ½ marathon. This would be my first Pikermi. The bf’s boss had mentioned it this past weekend he is running the full but I don’t know that I want to do the full then less than two months later run another one.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, February 11, 2011

She Like Runs Everyday?

NEWS update:

I have been running! Yes, folks that is right! More often than not during the week I have been running! I have a pretty cool/ gross blog (well I think it is) But can’t get runners world to like my photos off my mac. Anywhoo.

I have been running a minimum of4 times a week, plus yoga, plus bootcamp, plus more cross training. I love it.

So I have a 5k coming up in two weeks, my dad will be in town for it. I will be slow I feel, I am hoping for a 25min finish. We will see. My goal by the end the year is to get my 5k finish time down, way down. I would like to one day run 20 min (or less) 5k’s again, like in college.

I would like to also look for a half marathon. I will be in Southern California in Oct (any out there??) or any race for that matter.

I tried a bootcamp class that my previous personal training was teaching and MAN, I loved it. It was not quite as hard as an actual session with him, but I am def attending the next one!

Here’s a tid bit; When I went to yoga class on Monday there were some women there talking about a friend they both know.

Woman 1 “Yeah, she like runs every day. Crazy dedicated” Woman 2 “really? I run but only when I feel like it and in side on a treadmill for like 2-3 miles” Woman 1 “It was raining the other day and she just got a new garmin? It like tells you how fast your going and how far. Well like I said it was raining so I thought we would go take the step class, but she wanted to run outside IN THE RAIN to test out her new watch. She is crazy.” Woman 2 “ wow yeah I would only run outside in the spring” Woman 1 “ yeah she runs rain or shine out side”

So how many people here are that woman (or person) that these two women were talking about?! Ha-ha. Now I used to be that woman they are talking about and darn’t I’MA BE HER AGAIN! My friends now think I am crazy for my running but I am not dedicated. I want to run fast(er), hence I need to suck it up and train FAST(er).

Anywhoo..I am gearin up for the GoFigure class again tonight (ballet+yoga+pilates) with a co-worker. PUMP’D!!! Oh yeah and run some miles


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

High Strung Gym Experiences

My Friend whom I have began to help in her get fit/ lose weight journey decided yesterday to fall down a set of stairs. Now if she just didn’t want to workout Monday she could of said something! Not just decide to get out of it by falling down her stairs. Ha- j/k. Accidents happen. I cautioned her that I will not, and cannot train her when she is injured. I cannot be responsible for any additional problems she may have. She hurt her back and strained her neck. I advised her to lay low for a bit and just do cardio that is comfortable.

So since I could not workout with her at the AFB gym I went to my gym that I have to pay for. I decide that after my workout I’ll be able to do yoga at 7:15, yay. So I get to the gym about 5:50p.m. This was after I went home and cleaned a whole bunch of fresh caught shrimp for dinner later.

As so as I get to my gym I knew something was up, I see balloons. This was no good, I walk in and it felt like a flipping sauna and smelled of fried food. Ugh. Member appreciation day! They had FRIED chicken and other nasty food. I almost threw up. I put my stuff away and head to a Treadmill. To do 1.5 miles (need total of 3 miles for the day). I am going good at an easy pace then in my last few laps a guy comes up to the treadmill next to me. Now, mind you, the gym is FREAKIN PACKED like cow slaughter house. Okay fine, ppl have to workout too. So, there is this sweeping smell of B.O. It is wafting of the man next to me who had a 70s head band on. Sick. I just want to hold my breath!!

Finally I am done with that run and I run away from him. Did a crazy bunch of core work; bicycles, Russian twists, I’mnotgunna list everything. Lets just say 45 mins of cardio core work was sweat-tastical! Then I ran, 1.5miles it was great.

Then Yoga.

Awh, yes, Yoga. How nice and relaxing you are supposed to be. I get in set my mat in the same corner which is the front of the room, many new people think it is the back. Then people just keep pouring in to the class. Okay fine a little tight. Everyone was very chatty the whole time (before class). I stretched and got ready. The teacher closed the door, but before she could she placed a note on the door.


So we begin. Simple stuff since there were so many new people. Then went into the great stuff. Then people randomly get up leave…then come back in. ugh! Then in the middle of the practice a cleaner guy comes in the dark room and does the trash…WTF?! Fine Clear the mind…Relaxation poses…

A cell phone goes off…

this stinks. Class is over but I am still happy with all of my workouts for the day. I feel bad for the yoga teacher.

Review AFB gym = shocking treadmills, my GYM- stinky men, but no shocking treadmills...

This whole training for my up coming 5k is going well.. Hope everyone is staying warm!!! It’s going to be in the low 70s here tomorrow!!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Success and the need for Nan-ers

Last night at the AFB gym was well a quick success. My friend did not have much time to workout but still wanted to get it in. I decided to do a great leg workout, plus it was leg day. Good thing I know how to kill legs fast. We get to the base and it was not packed, yay. So we hop on treadmills next to each other. This one looked promising! I had her set to 5.5 incline with walking. I stretched quick then pushed out a warm up mile, we had 10 min cardio warm-up.

Guess what! This treadmill didn’t shock me!!! Success!

So leg workout was fun, actually saw a trainer there that used to work at the gym I go to (sometimes). So with a stair stepper (sp), step ups, jump up, side to side (20 each). I brought my handy dandy sliders (furniture movers); mountain climber, jack knives, Y’s. Then I did my hand walk forward and back ward while she finished her Y’s. Then some walking lunges with a bar. Then last but not least squats w/ body ball on the wall and hold the last one. I could see the sweat pouring off of my friend, it was glorious.

Finished off with 10 min cardio of choice. I ran. It sucked. My left side ab region was in distress. More Potassium?! Nan-ers

I am just pumped and full of energy today! Good thing since as soo as I got to work I was given a pile of data to sort. FUN.

Tonight we’ll hit the gym again probably just some cardio and that’s it. Tomorrow I am thinking of going to a class that I have a free pass for, Go Figure. Anyone heard of this place? It incorporates ballet, yoga, and pilates. Sounds fun Free 55min session. Plus try to get in some good miles on Saturday it is supposed to be in the 60s!!!

Okay, happy Friday loopsters!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ELectro Shock Therapy

The weather yesterday was just nasty rainy all day, made for a very exhausting day. Or so that’s what it felt like while I was at work all day. I had two cups of coffee throughout the day to get me through, bad. I think that my increase in coffee seems to affect me some how I have having chest pains when I was working out and slightly at work. Tuesday was the second day of working out with my friend. She found out she has bronchitis but was feeling better, sore from the workout the day before.

So we went, and thank goodness the AFB gym was not as packed as Monday night. We started with 15 min cardio warm up, we found a TM and an elliptical next to each other yay! I started on 5.5incline 3.5 warmed up than ran a mile then walked until 15 mins. The STOOPID TM AGAIN shocked me the ENTIRE TIME!!! Every few seconds my hand may touch part of the machine and ZAP! Electric shock! I wear the same clothes and shoes I would wear at my regular gym! I don’t know about these AFB TM’s they hate me….Or maybe know I am a civilian…grrr.

Then we did arms-ish…lol I hate that everything at this gym is in different locations. So pushup(legs on body ball) Me20, friend10. in push up position hold (legs on body ball)Me0, friend 5x with 5 sec hold, jack knife on body ball ME20, friend 10 one legged jackknife me 10 each leg, friend 0 (she was still doing the first set). Bosu ball plank position on and off the sides Me 40 friend 15, bosuball hell raisers 15 each way (just me). Sitting on bodyball flys with weights; two arms ME20, friend 10; one arm at a time Me 10 each, friend 5 each. Sitting on bodyball arm curls with weights ME 20, friend 10. Tricep Ext ME20, friend 10.

Cool Down cardio 15 mins, friend elliptical, me stairmaster!!!


Man today I feel great!! If only I could of gotten up early to go for my run, because now I am going to try to squeeze it in before Girls Night. My shins are not too bad today, I took meds (ekk) just to see if it would help the pain issues. I hate relying on that stuff.

Sorry this was kind of boring, but I feel that I have so much ENERGY, maybe from all of the Electroshock therapy I got from yesterday’s treadmill.

But I am excited to be EXCITED about working out again. And a 5k in the end of FEB!!!