Friday, June 17, 2011

The Draining Heat of Southern Summer

I am beginning to believe that this summer heat is getting to my head. Well at least about running. I just feel like my legs are 100lb weights that I am trying to carry! From reading and hanging around the loop I am sure it is just the killer heat. Which is normal for down here.

Last night I went to my regular bootcamp class. It didn’t appear that there were going to be many sacrifices, not many people showed up to be put in their place. The regular 13yo soccer boy, a 30something yo guy who just started running, a kid between 18-20 (really don’t know his age but he has tattoos) then few kids. The 30something yo guy was wearing a FLOWERTOWN 5k shirt, which I ran back in MARCH. I asked him how he did, he said great it was a PR for him 22:xx, he got 2nd in his age group. I said wow pretty good, I ran it too! He was like oh yeah? I told him I got 3rd place, he responded oh in your AG? Naw, overall… The look was priceless.

There used to be more but I think it is too hot out. This workout was mostly all cardio. While one person was pulling a tire with a rope the remaining people we doing a move; pushups, curls, lunges, etc. Every time I got to the running with a tire I just felt, well, slow. Like what the heck! During some of the group moves my shins were bothering me, darn it. I am really trying to keep the shins in tack. Definitely need to go back to yoga. My abs were slow too, but during all the free running with hands behind our head I could out run everyone. Like, by a lot. For our last move of the night, just sprinting, no tire, no hands behind your head. I felt like I was flying!

Best quote from the 18-20 yo, “dang girl WHO ARE YOUU TRAINING FOR?!” Note: I am pretty sure he is like a fighter or MMA, only because he acts like it and talked slight about it. Saying “this feels like I’m training for a fight” Whether he meant it as a joke? Or as hey I’ve trained like this for this type of thing?! Also must note, he threw up tonight at class. I am so happy that I can stomach these brutal workouts in the sun and heat.

I don’t get it, most of the night and Wednesday my legs felt huge and heavy then the last sprint of the night I was booking it. Maybe because it was 7pm by then and it cooled down.

This weekend I plan to do a long run, first long run (over 6miles) since my marathon in January…Well I think.. Runners Short Term Memory Loss (RSTML) has me!

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