Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pains, Running, and Races

Making a return, a return with many meanings. First a return to blogging, I have been distant for a while. A return to great runs. A return to a near goal weight! I have been following some blogs on my google reader, jumping on runnersworld here and there. For almost a month I could not run. My weight has been fluctuating beyond belief.

It has been almost a month exactly since I went to Virginia which resulted in some horrible pains in my left leg. I still have not been to a sports medicine doctor about it or any other issues, BUT I do have a number for one! The pain went from my left heel to my knee to my hip. I couldn’t move or lay in beg with out sharp pain or constant annoyance. My bootcamp class I was actually not the fastest one and end up limping by the end. SO I have had to cool it down, just recently got back in to shape with running and my bootcamp style workouts. Running has been difficult lately, the shins say hello some times ughh. Pretty sure I just need new shoes. Just getting back into the groove of it, I don’t have any races lined up at all. With it being summer and all. I may think about a night race. September I will begin marathon training for the Charleston, SC River Front marathon in January. This will be my second.

I have recently been following up on the Loop kinda stalking around. Random comments.

My weight; I have been losing more. I am excited. although conflicted. I am pretty sure the gym balance is way off it always says the same weight (115lb). I tried a balance at my co-workers house and the week I was house sitting I going from 13.5 to 14.0 lbs so this is making me feel great. In August of 2009 I was at my highest 135lbs, may not seem like much but when you are only 4’ 11” it is a lot. My top running weight has always been from 100- 109 so I am getting closer. I am happy. Def with my cross training I have been doing, total body workouts with minimal weights. It helps my running too. This is why this spring I was running so well in my races. I plan to keep it all up. Hopefully I don’t random eat crap and gain it all back.

Okay, so now I am thinking pretty hard about doing the Savannah Rock and Roll ½ marathon. This would be my first Pikermi. The bf’s boss had mentioned it this past weekend he is running the full but I don’t know that I want to do the full then less than two months later run another one.

Happy Tuesday!

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