Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tought Times and Slow miles

I particular enjoy the gym when I go, usually only for a class. I can’t do the Zumba or dance classes, the class I go to you have to re-think your sanity. I may be slightly sadistic for it, but anyone who enjoy running for 13.1, 26.2, 50+ miles is a little sick in the head anyways. My bootcamp class is one of the highlights of my week, and I get it twice a week. If I don’t come home dirty and cut up, I didn’t work hard enough!

As per usual I am paired up with a guy, because the women cannot keep up with me. Really not trying to boast but they don’t want to be near me. I am extremely competitive. This bootcamp class really brings it out and sadly everyone can see it. We typically go through stations and do drills, this time it involved quite a bit a weights for once. Two highlights I’ll just go over; fire hose and runs. I have before run with a fire hose up with another person. This time one person held the nozzle end and one person at the other end sitting on the ground. So the guy I was working with runs with the hose out to make it straight then has he is bear crawling back I have to on one side pull the whole thing back to me. Repeat for my other side. Then switch. This whole thing 3x in our time period. AWSOMENESS! Then the last drill we had was side step, run backwards, run from one side of the parking lot to the other and back. My buddy and I begin, we are neck and neck the whole time. We turn for the run and he blows by me! I am hot on this kids heels, def not letting him have it easy. If I know anything I know I will out run him! We get to the turn around and he is out of steam, so I just keep booking it. I get to the finish and he is just start on the last turn ha-ha.

There were other personal trainers outside watching us, the one guy looks at me and says “little completive?”

Lesson learned; You may out sprint me in a short distance, but I will crush you in the end!

So I may not be training for an upcoming race but I am trying to keep my running up until then. I may start next month training for the Savannah Rock and Roll ½ in November, then marathon training sept for a January race. Last night I headed out on a 1.2 mile warmup to do some mile repeats. I thought about doing three, but I am really trying to not re-injury my shins. So I settled for 2x 1600m at 6:54 to see where I was. I honestly did not think I would be capable of this task. For starters I have not run mile repeats outside in who knows how long (I can bang them out on a TM), its 90+ degrees outside, I know I’m slow. So after minutes of telling myself I pretty much

Mile 1- just need to make it to the half mile by 3:30-3:40ish, Man it is effing hot out! T-shirt was madness. Look at watch 3:00 at the half way what? I feel so so slow, how can I keep up this pace? Finish 6:33.

Could not believe that one, def did not feel that fast (slow to many people fast to me), breathe, water, walk/jog.

Mile 2- just get it over with. My quads and hamstring felt so felt. I just wanted to stop and crawl. Why did I ever think I wanted to run? Mouth so dry. Finish 6:31.

What?! Negative splits? Take shirt off water, breath, ugh. I wanted to do a third but had to stop, I really don’t want to be sidelined because of my shins.
Poured remainder of water over my head, I hated carrying that water bottle full the 1.2miles to my workout location.
Went home, did some hanging knee raises (60).

Question for everyone, running with out shirt- sports bra and shorts acceptable in neighbor running? Or trails?

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