Friday, January 28, 2011

Success and the need for Nan-ers

Last night at the AFB gym was well a quick success. My friend did not have much time to workout but still wanted to get it in. I decided to do a great leg workout, plus it was leg day. Good thing I know how to kill legs fast. We get to the base and it was not packed, yay. So we hop on treadmills next to each other. This one looked promising! I had her set to 5.5 incline with walking. I stretched quick then pushed out a warm up mile, we had 10 min cardio warm-up.

Guess what! This treadmill didn’t shock me!!! Success!

So leg workout was fun, actually saw a trainer there that used to work at the gym I go to (sometimes). So with a stair stepper (sp), step ups, jump up, side to side (20 each). I brought my handy dandy sliders (furniture movers); mountain climber, jack knives, Y’s. Then I did my hand walk forward and back ward while she finished her Y’s. Then some walking lunges with a bar. Then last but not least squats w/ body ball on the wall and hold the last one. I could see the sweat pouring off of my friend, it was glorious.

Finished off with 10 min cardio of choice. I ran. It sucked. My left side ab region was in distress. More Potassium?! Nan-ers

I am just pumped and full of energy today! Good thing since as soo as I got to work I was given a pile of data to sort. FUN.

Tonight we’ll hit the gym again probably just some cardio and that’s it. Tomorrow I am thinking of going to a class that I have a free pass for, Go Figure. Anyone heard of this place? It incorporates ballet, yoga, and pilates. Sounds fun Free 55min session. Plus try to get in some good miles on Saturday it is supposed to be in the 60s!!!

Okay, happy Friday loopsters!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ELectro Shock Therapy

The weather yesterday was just nasty rainy all day, made for a very exhausting day. Or so that’s what it felt like while I was at work all day. I had two cups of coffee throughout the day to get me through, bad. I think that my increase in coffee seems to affect me some how I have having chest pains when I was working out and slightly at work. Tuesday was the second day of working out with my friend. She found out she has bronchitis but was feeling better, sore from the workout the day before.

So we went, and thank goodness the AFB gym was not as packed as Monday night. We started with 15 min cardio warm up, we found a TM and an elliptical next to each other yay! I started on 5.5incline 3.5 warmed up than ran a mile then walked until 15 mins. The STOOPID TM AGAIN shocked me the ENTIRE TIME!!! Every few seconds my hand may touch part of the machine and ZAP! Electric shock! I wear the same clothes and shoes I would wear at my regular gym! I don’t know about these AFB TM’s they hate me….Or maybe know I am a civilian…grrr.

Then we did arms-ish…lol I hate that everything at this gym is in different locations. So pushup(legs on body ball) Me20, friend10. in push up position hold (legs on body ball)Me0, friend 5x with 5 sec hold, jack knife on body ball ME20, friend 10 one legged jackknife me 10 each leg, friend 0 (she was still doing the first set). Bosu ball plank position on and off the sides Me 40 friend 15, bosuball hell raisers 15 each way (just me). Sitting on bodyball flys with weights; two arms ME20, friend 10; one arm at a time Me 10 each, friend 5 each. Sitting on bodyball arm curls with weights ME 20, friend 10. Tricep Ext ME20, friend 10.

Cool Down cardio 15 mins, friend elliptical, me stairmaster!!!


Man today I feel great!! If only I could of gotten up early to go for my run, because now I am going to try to squeeze it in before Girls Night. My shins are not too bad today, I took meds (ekk) just to see if it would help the pain issues. I hate relying on that stuff.

Sorry this was kind of boring, but I feel that I have so much ENERGY, maybe from all of the Electroshock therapy I got from yesterday’s treadmill.

But I am excited to be EXCITED about working out again. And a 5k in the end of FEB!!!