Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dog park

Ha, so once again attempted to take my lil' runt of a pup to the dog park close by and also fit a run in.  She was a little better this time.  She did sniff other dogs, but wont let them sniff her.  She wandered off slightly more than just staying by my side.  One day she'll make friends. Though I do feel bad, she is in an awkward size some puppies are bigger than her and the toy dogs are just too small :( I think she is some sort of hound mix??? No one knows who her mom or dad are.  Her and her brothers were abandoned by mom and on top of it they wouldn't let her eat. Sad.
 So also tried to run, atleast three miles for an easy day. FAIL.  the boy can run and so had to stop like every 1/2 mile but we did make sure i got three miles in even if part of it was walking.  But it really put me in a bad mood because there was a young girl running at least I know she did 3 miles.  I felt like a fraud! I really wish I had a running partner here.  My friend at work we do want to run more during or after work together she knows I have no one else to run with, though she has her fiance who works out with her and her friends here (she has been here almost a year longer than me)  Kinda of funny most of my friends here are not from the Low Country they are all from the north like me! Only boy is from here and don't always get along lol.
 I have less than a week until the Flowertown race and I am scared to even finish a 5k!!!!!!  Need some real encouraging words, I know I have ran this race a bunch of times, Even in my training days I run more than 3 miles.....
 Anywho! I take sundays of as my day I don't want to leave the house besides church day.  Which (on a side note) Preacher mentioned sex and made us all (500+) make paper airplanes to through.  :)
Have a great sunny sunday!!!  

Saturday, March 6, 2010

some fake 400s and such

Alright so I am still 100% completely worthless with my legs at this time, well okay just the walking part.  Using my legs feels great because I know after a short while like this I can push a little bit faster!
Yesterdays workout were 400s, now since I just moved here don't know where a track it, i know soccer fields (i didn't go) Yeah that's right, sadly I did them at my gym on a treadmill, UGH took forever since math in my head isn't the best, or I just really didn't want to think after my foreverlongneverending day at work, plus it was friday.  This whole 8-4 day job like real adult is crazy.
But anyways I had a good 10min warmpup jog. Ran my first 400 slow because I wanted a pace I could keep at for all 12 of them so 6.89:30ish?? then I jogged for 3/4 a lap then walked than repeat! I felt great! then since I max out on my 60mins on the dreadmill I moved to elliptical for my 10min cool down.
 It felt AMAZING to accomplish something again, since I began working here(by the way i LOVE my job) I just felt like I get up take pup out, feed pup + me, go to work, go to gym (sometimes) come home, eat, take pup out, sleep REPEAT. UGH this has been more draining than college.  I can't wait to apply for graduate school and get back in the system.
 Today is a great morning! Sun is out going to be in the 60s and either due a 40min run or some hills if the kids are completely taken it over.
Have a great da

Thursday, March 4, 2010


.....And not because I just saw you! Ha
So I am back with a trainer again to get me in the optimal condition to handle the running.  He was pretty good, he understands what my goals are and that I have been atheltic, so can handle a LOT.  We did a lot of speed drills a ton of leg and some core.  I had a blast, my favorite time ever besides hills is being in the gym with my trainer.  The goal is to not stop moving at anytime during our times, metabolism work.
 Afterwards I ran out of the gym because I was supposed to meet up with a friend that I met went I first moved here to go to the AFB for yoga, words got mixed up and she left before I was done, UGH.  Wanted that yoga time!  Before I got my puppy and job here in Low Country I was able to do yoga every morning! Oh the time flew by 6months now I've been here!
 Today I was completely sore when I went to work, well okay my butt and quads.  A girl at my company and I had made plans to run the trails during lunch.  My company is very active, I wonder if it is because (1) we all have biology backgrounds (2) its the south and seems more into being active.  We are all training-ish for the Flowertown race this next weekend (March 13th) most people are going to do the walk, but the girl in the next lab and I will run the 5k.  There is a 10k but I don't think I would be ready for it.  So we ran, and it was great and HORRIBLE all at the same time.  I was so stiff (even though I had streched last night like crazy) and that 2.35miles went slow and quick all at the same time.
 Anyone ever have that twilight zone thing happen?
Well now I have a long run planned for tomorrow and hills on saturday + speed workout!!!
Right now I feel like my legs are jelly and I look funny walking, yeah I'm outofshape.  Feel like a freshmen in college all over again!!!  

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snow and Dresses

So this past weekend I ventured up into the great north! My beau and I drove to my home town for my formal and for him to meet the parent(s) and familia.  It was a LONG drive up! lol I freaked out with the snow and him driving due to my last accident I found out I have really really bad anxiety in cars now...GREAT. But we made it safe to town in 13 hours! Over all the trip was good, lots of snow, lots of food, being with my dad ( I really miss him ) FINALLY getting to hangout with my girlfriend whom I miss very much!!!

We ran 1 time...

There were a lot of new girls that I had no clue whom they were.  It was sad to really not know that many people at my own formal, even worse the alum and active relations.  Not one came up to me to introduce themselves to me.  When I was first an active it was put into my head that I need to introduce myself to all alum/people I didn't know.  I was nervous but I had a sister to help me out!  It surprised me I really didn't drink for some reason, have a drink or two than water...idk what it was... Guess being out of my element.  I still love my sisters, though I may think of a different level.

All in all it was a good weekend....with a long drive home