Saturday, March 6, 2010

some fake 400s and such

Alright so I am still 100% completely worthless with my legs at this time, well okay just the walking part.  Using my legs feels great because I know after a short while like this I can push a little bit faster!
Yesterdays workout were 400s, now since I just moved here don't know where a track it, i know soccer fields (i didn't go) Yeah that's right, sadly I did them at my gym on a treadmill, UGH took forever since math in my head isn't the best, or I just really didn't want to think after my foreverlongneverending day at work, plus it was friday.  This whole 8-4 day job like real adult is crazy.
But anyways I had a good 10min warmpup jog. Ran my first 400 slow because I wanted a pace I could keep at for all 12 of them so 6.89:30ish?? then I jogged for 3/4 a lap then walked than repeat! I felt great! then since I max out on my 60mins on the dreadmill I moved to elliptical for my 10min cool down.
 It felt AMAZING to accomplish something again, since I began working here(by the way i LOVE my job) I just felt like I get up take pup out, feed pup + me, go to work, go to gym (sometimes) come home, eat, take pup out, sleep REPEAT. UGH this has been more draining than college.  I can't wait to apply for graduate school and get back in the system.
 Today is a great morning! Sun is out going to be in the 60s and either due a 40min run or some hills if the kids are completely taken it over.
Have a great da

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