Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snow and Dresses

So this past weekend I ventured up into the great north! My beau and I drove to my home town for my formal and for him to meet the parent(s) and familia.  It was a LONG drive up! lol I freaked out with the snow and him driving due to my last accident I found out I have really really bad anxiety in cars now...GREAT. But we made it safe to town in 13 hours! Over all the trip was good, lots of snow, lots of food, being with my dad ( I really miss him ) FINALLY getting to hangout with my girlfriend whom I miss very much!!!

We ran 1 time...

There were a lot of new girls that I had no clue whom they were.  It was sad to really not know that many people at my own formal, even worse the alum and active relations.  Not one came up to me to introduce themselves to me.  When I was first an active it was put into my head that I need to introduce myself to all alum/people I didn't know.  I was nervous but I had a sister to help me out!  It surprised me I really didn't drink for some reason, have a drink or two than water...idk what it was... Guess being out of my element.  I still love my sisters, though I may think of a different level.

All in all it was a good weekend....with a long drive home

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