Thursday, March 4, 2010


.....And not because I just saw you! Ha
So I am back with a trainer again to get me in the optimal condition to handle the running.  He was pretty good, he understands what my goals are and that I have been atheltic, so can handle a LOT.  We did a lot of speed drills a ton of leg and some core.  I had a blast, my favorite time ever besides hills is being in the gym with my trainer.  The goal is to not stop moving at anytime during our times, metabolism work.
 Afterwards I ran out of the gym because I was supposed to meet up with a friend that I met went I first moved here to go to the AFB for yoga, words got mixed up and she left before I was done, UGH.  Wanted that yoga time!  Before I got my puppy and job here in Low Country I was able to do yoga every morning! Oh the time flew by 6months now I've been here!
 Today I was completely sore when I went to work, well okay my butt and quads.  A girl at my company and I had made plans to run the trails during lunch.  My company is very active, I wonder if it is because (1) we all have biology backgrounds (2) its the south and seems more into being active.  We are all training-ish for the Flowertown race this next weekend (March 13th) most people are going to do the walk, but the girl in the next lab and I will run the 5k.  There is a 10k but I don't think I would be ready for it.  So we ran, and it was great and HORRIBLE all at the same time.  I was so stiff (even though I had streched last night like crazy) and that 2.35miles went slow and quick all at the same time.
 Anyone ever have that twilight zone thing happen?
Well now I have a long run planned for tomorrow and hills on saturday + speed workout!!!
Right now I feel like my legs are jelly and I look funny walking, yeah I'm outofshape.  Feel like a freshmen in college all over again!!!  

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