Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Doggy Park and a Hill

So this weekend my boyfriend Alan and I went to Wannamaker park here, I have been wanting to go to this park since I got my puppy because there is a doggy park.  My brother and sister-in-law always take their dogs to one and well my puppy Rain really needs to socialize with other dogs.  She seems lately to act like  a cat around other dogs as well as sit on the back of the couch looking out the window....Hmmm..

So we went (and the adventure begins) First off we didn't know it cost a Dollar to enter the park (per person) and like the people we are, we had no cash on us!!! So quick U-turn to an ATM to grab some cash.  Come back. Enter. Locate Dog park.

We found it and went to go in, reading all of the signs, Rain did not have her tags on her (we need to get her a bigger collar to put them on) So we went in anyways.  Also didn't even think to bring a toy for her to play with, luckly there were dirty old balls there!!! She was SCARED, she had no clue what to do with all of theses other dogs!!! Ha-ha.  She just stared at them, other dogs would try to come up to her to sniff her butt and well she had no clue what was going on since she really has never been around other dogs.  She wouldn't make friends just kind of slowly walked around and stared at everything.  It was really fun for Alan and I, we met other people and their dogs.  One was a boxer named Buddha he would sit on his owner like a human.  One big dog named Guage whom loved the water and thus got every other big dog in to the dirty pond!!!!! Then the little dogs whom I will name after my brothers dogs because that is what they reminded me of, Teddy and Jackie (Jack)

Now I had heard a rumor that there was a hill in this park, by the way there are NO hills here and that is my FAVORITE workout!!! So we decide to leave the doggy area and put Rain back on her lease and walk around the park on the paths, it is very nice and not only are there paved paths but also dirt paths through the "Woods" which is my favorite since then I don't have to worry about my shins hurting.  Finally after the mile loop we find the "hill," it was man made in the playground.  Apparently it was for kids to slide down on with cardboard.  So I found a small section for me to run up!!

I warmed up quick, and a so nervous to do my workout I've been dreaming to do since I moved here.  I wasn't going to do it because I hate looking stupid! But I have an encourage guy who has no shame and told me to go and do it! So i accomplished 12 reps I was happy, next time I will go early in the am or after work before 5 (when it closes) and do 20!!!

Then Sunday I didn't run, nor did I monday.... So today a girl at work and I are going to do an easy 2 - 3 mile run at lunch and hopefully I can hit the gym tonight either at my apt or not.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Okay! This week I can say I have actually been doing a training schedule, pretty much just at the whim.  I have written down a monthly training but I think I need to do a weekly because of my motivation problem. This week I am proud,

Monday: I 3 miles

Tues: 4 miles

Wednesday: I went to the Airforce base and did yoga

Thursday: SUPER sore from yoga, accomplished 10min warmup, hills, 5 min cool down on a treadmill (Charleston apparently has no hills) hills are my favorite workout

Friday: 2x8min 5 min recover @9:00 :( so slowww I miss the old me 7:01-7:20 min miles

Sat: I hope for a 40-45 min run 

sunday: ???

So I really want to be serious again, because I have regrets about quitting track and cross country in college.  I was in serious pain but I think i could of recovered.  The year I quit I was running fast! Practice I have no clue how but I was running along side of our fastest runner whom had been running her entire life!!!!  So I quit because college was soo much and then I decided to join a sorority I just wish I had been a strong enough person at the time to keep it all up I know it was a lot, but I also feel like I missed out on so much for quitting.   

My coach was training me to run the mile he said i was a faster runner than I knew.  Even though after anything below a 3000m run I threw up, I was just not used to the speed.  I hated every second of it, but looking back I was doing something I never in my life thought I could ever do.  RUN.  Being the dorky musician in high school participating in marching band and world class drum corps I believed I  was destined to be a world class musician.  All my gym teachers wanted me to run for my high school because for the mile fitness test I always finished 2nd the first person was always a boy.  But my high school was not very high on anything, academics, sports, music (another story of why I have public schools, gov't, and politics that all surrounds the public school system) My kids will never be in one!!

Needless to say my goal is just to train and race this year, finally decided on a real life goal... I hope that some people can help me with this

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Morning Runs....

"When you run in the morning, you gain time in a sense. It's like stretching 24 hours into 25. You may need to sleep less and get up earlier, but if you can get by that, running early seems to expand the day. "

Fred Lebow, founder of the New York City Marathon
Now If only I could get up in the morning for a run! Ha I was on RW for a bit today, like most days now.  Found that so many people have the same lack of motiviation right now, I'm not including people who are in layers of snow.  Thoughes of us in the warmer states feel that same winter slump as the people with all of the REAL winter depression of not running outside. I have all intentions of getting up at 5:30 to either go to gym at my apartment, or my gym I pay for since it is too dark outside. Yeah I hit that snooze button like hell! and So does my boyfriend, so he is definately not helping me do what I should and want to do! Though he supports me in what I would love to do...and run.

UGH!!! I am so frustrated with this thought of running twice a day or working out and running...Just life seems so crazy with a livein boyfriend.....But it should be easier since I have someone to help with the puuppy and apartment things... Now I just feel obligated like I should be home with him. DUMB!!! My girl back home whom I am completely idol over....would be mad

She just goes to GYM like its ritual and nothing to it! Twice a day and such and yoga. Idk but I just can't and now the weight of 30extra pounds keeps piling up, my formal in two weeks will just be soooo much fun now.!

So today I can either....Run for while/ ecliptical, or 5:15 cycle class, or PIYOclass at 5 or I can go early run + cycle class :) I think I like that second one... OKAY so lets see how this goes!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Horrible Night at Gym

Last night I went to my gym and well I had a HORRIBLE work out, it was just a disaster.  I wanted to run 3 miles. My shins began to kill me and realizing i need to switch back to my other brand. So i ran mile 1 walked mile 2 at 8%incline at 3.5mph...then attempted to run mile 3 got to the last 1.5th of mile and walked it at the incline (SUCK)

My original trainer also saw me and asked me who I was training with and I said no one because of my car accident i've been down on $$$ and kind depressed but now I want to train for races again.  So I am going to meet with her next week and get going again.  Need to get everything back on track!!!

Also at my work they have sent an e-mail around for training for the up coming races my company wants to try and make a team for the Flowertown race and Cooper Bridge run! So thats pretty cool

But at work early so I can get out in the field and look at some lovely Pines all day!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So all yesterday at work i was on runnersworld.com, became obessed with it yesterday, I just can't get running off my mind but yet still have a large part of me that can't seem to get a jump start like a really really old harley that just doesn't want to start,  It frustrating. I keep watching my weight go up and up.  First time in my whole life I've ever had to watch my weight go up.  Since I have been running like I did in college.  I hate myself everyday that I'm not out there.

I went last night to the gym and did a new workout I found, hills for the tredmill. Was pretty good work out, my shoes suck for me I realized this I need to go back to my brooks and get rid of my asics.  Which is about time I've had these shoes for over 6 months. 

So Goals: I wanted to run in the 8k for H2O but idk if that will happen, I mean I could just do it and just not run well and maybe that would help me to get motivated (its on Feb 20th) but I am DEFFFFF doing the cooper bridge run!!! 10k in Charleston.  Everyone at work talks about it, it is one of the biggest events.  I want to compete for the under 1 hr, in college I ran the 10k at 44mins.  So I woud like to be under 1 hr. I know I can do it!!! I have 6 weeks until that race.

I want to run twice a day, work does not help with this having my hours be crazy when we have to travel to places to collect tree samples.  But I need to, everyday is a new day....

Friday, February 5, 2010

Big move

Well it is definately a big move for me, my boyfriend of only, barely two months is moving in with me.  He had been renting a house.... I should say shake in the capital of lovely south carolina.  Now a lot of this state is really old and run down, like the house which was over 100 years old and used to be a school??? I don't know thats what his landlord/hunting buddy/old mayor said.  Crazy to me from the "City" I'm from I say that because compared to that redneck area I was at last night Erie,PA was the BIG CITY.

Reason why he has a rented "house" in Columbia is because about 8 months ago him and his long term girlfriend of 6 years and two kids of hers (not his) finally broke up.  They had the whole nine yards, house and blahb blah blah.  I apparently give him crap for all of this taking care of someone else's kids being a father-thing when they never married.  Maybe I am definately too young to have wanted to EVER deal with that.  When they first started dating he was my age and she was a cougar (he apparently really just dated older women), now has me who is over 6 years younger than him! Anyways they had the house in walterboro, which is a ghosttown with one traffic light, that is a flashing yellow yield sign.... He wanted to get as far way from that place as possible, so he did....

Then one glamorous night at Market street saloon (Charleston), he saw a young girl wearing a STEELERS jersey dancing on the bar...Then  proceeded to ask her for her number, poor fella, took 4 tries... :)  But after getting to know each other very quick, he kept staying in town at his friends house then began staying over alot. and now well I'm at work and he is finishing up at his shack in columbia with my puppy then heading on down to now our shared ONE bedroom apartment, which by the way I can't not wait to get a two bedroom!!!

I know I am not ready to settle down quite yet, like house, picket fence and 2.5 kids running around. But I am definately having fun and I see my self waking up to this Southern Sweet Heart for a long time.

This is the first time I have ever lived with a boy I am dating, it is exciting but now I can't run away from him, but I don't think I want to.  I haven't felt this way in a long time and it better than my last relationship two years ago (Bill).  I'm healthy now and can handle the relationship, thanks to one horrible night, thanks to the support of my sisters, thanks to my family for taking me in.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So it appears again I such at this, notice no posts = i haven't ran.. Than stress on money and buying a car right now really makes me depressed and well i've also been over eating at home which also makes me even more depressed since I have a horrible horrible body image issue... that really my boyfriend alan takes the full heat of because he lives with me

This is just sad.... I really want to run in the race on the 20th but as of right now that only leaves 16 days of training and well i'm going out of town again today (yesterday in GA for work) so hopefully I can I really want to I want to make a commitment and keep it and actually finish something I said I was gonna do....UGH