Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So all yesterday at work i was on runnersworld.com, became obessed with it yesterday, I just can't get running off my mind but yet still have a large part of me that can't seem to get a jump start like a really really old harley that just doesn't want to start,  It frustrating. I keep watching my weight go up and up.  First time in my whole life I've ever had to watch my weight go up.  Since I have been running like I did in college.  I hate myself everyday that I'm not out there.

I went last night to the gym and did a new workout I found, hills for the tredmill. Was pretty good work out, my shoes suck for me I realized this I need to go back to my brooks and get rid of my asics.  Which is about time I've had these shoes for over 6 months. 

So Goals: I wanted to run in the 8k for H2O but idk if that will happen, I mean I could just do it and just not run well and maybe that would help me to get motivated (its on Feb 20th) but I am DEFFFFF doing the cooper bridge run!!! 10k in Charleston.  Everyone at work talks about it, it is one of the biggest events.  I want to compete for the under 1 hr, in college I ran the 10k at 44mins.  So I woud like to be under 1 hr. I know I can do it!!! I have 6 weeks until that race.

I want to run twice a day, work does not help with this having my hours be crazy when we have to travel to places to collect tree samples.  But I need to, everyday is a new day....

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