Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Horrible Night at Gym

Last night I went to my gym and well I had a HORRIBLE work out, it was just a disaster.  I wanted to run 3 miles. My shins began to kill me and realizing i need to switch back to my other brand. So i ran mile 1 walked mile 2 at 8%incline at 3.5mph...then attempted to run mile 3 got to the last 1.5th of mile and walked it at the incline (SUCK)

My original trainer also saw me and asked me who I was training with and I said no one because of my car accident i've been down on $$$ and kind depressed but now I want to train for races again.  So I am going to meet with her next week and get going again.  Need to get everything back on track!!!

Also at my work they have sent an e-mail around for training for the up coming races my company wants to try and make a team for the Flowertown race and Cooper Bridge run! So thats pretty cool

But at work early so I can get out in the field and look at some lovely Pines all day!!!

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