Saturday, February 20, 2010


Okay! This week I can say I have actually been doing a training schedule, pretty much just at the whim.  I have written down a monthly training but I think I need to do a weekly because of my motivation problem. This week I am proud,

Monday: I 3 miles

Tues: 4 miles

Wednesday: I went to the Airforce base and did yoga

Thursday: SUPER sore from yoga, accomplished 10min warmup, hills, 5 min cool down on a treadmill (Charleston apparently has no hills) hills are my favorite workout

Friday: 2x8min 5 min recover @9:00 :( so slowww I miss the old me 7:01-7:20 min miles

Sat: I hope for a 40-45 min run 

sunday: ???

So I really want to be serious again, because I have regrets about quitting track and cross country in college.  I was in serious pain but I think i could of recovered.  The year I quit I was running fast! Practice I have no clue how but I was running along side of our fastest runner whom had been running her entire life!!!!  So I quit because college was soo much and then I decided to join a sorority I just wish I had been a strong enough person at the time to keep it all up I know it was a lot, but I also feel like I missed out on so much for quitting.   

My coach was training me to run the mile he said i was a faster runner than I knew.  Even though after anything below a 3000m run I threw up, I was just not used to the speed.  I hated every second of it, but looking back I was doing something I never in my life thought I could ever do.  RUN.  Being the dorky musician in high school participating in marching band and world class drum corps I believed I  was destined to be a world class musician.  All my gym teachers wanted me to run for my high school because for the mile fitness test I always finished 2nd the first person was always a boy.  But my high school was not very high on anything, academics, sports, music (another story of why I have public schools, gov't, and politics that all surrounds the public school system) My kids will never be in one!!

Needless to say my goal is just to train and race this year, finally decided on a real life goal... I hope that some people can help me with this

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