Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Doggy Park and a Hill

So this weekend my boyfriend Alan and I went to Wannamaker park here, I have been wanting to go to this park since I got my puppy because there is a doggy park.  My brother and sister-in-law always take their dogs to one and well my puppy Rain really needs to socialize with other dogs.  She seems lately to act like  a cat around other dogs as well as sit on the back of the couch looking out the window....Hmmm..

So we went (and the adventure begins) First off we didn't know it cost a Dollar to enter the park (per person) and like the people we are, we had no cash on us!!! So quick U-turn to an ATM to grab some cash.  Come back. Enter. Locate Dog park.

We found it and went to go in, reading all of the signs, Rain did not have her tags on her (we need to get her a bigger collar to put them on) So we went in anyways.  Also didn't even think to bring a toy for her to play with, luckly there were dirty old balls there!!! She was SCARED, she had no clue what to do with all of theses other dogs!!! Ha-ha.  She just stared at them, other dogs would try to come up to her to sniff her butt and well she had no clue what was going on since she really has never been around other dogs.  She wouldn't make friends just kind of slowly walked around and stared at everything.  It was really fun for Alan and I, we met other people and their dogs.  One was a boxer named Buddha he would sit on his owner like a human.  One big dog named Guage whom loved the water and thus got every other big dog in to the dirty pond!!!!! Then the little dogs whom I will name after my brothers dogs because that is what they reminded me of, Teddy and Jackie (Jack)

Now I had heard a rumor that there was a hill in this park, by the way there are NO hills here and that is my FAVORITE workout!!! So we decide to leave the doggy area and put Rain back on her lease and walk around the park on the paths, it is very nice and not only are there paved paths but also dirt paths through the "Woods" which is my favorite since then I don't have to worry about my shins hurting.  Finally after the mile loop we find the "hill," it was man made in the playground.  Apparently it was for kids to slide down on with cardboard.  So I found a small section for me to run up!!

I warmed up quick, and a so nervous to do my workout I've been dreaming to do since I moved here.  I wasn't going to do it because I hate looking stupid! But I have an encourage guy who has no shame and told me to go and do it! So i accomplished 12 reps I was happy, next time I will go early in the am or after work before 5 (when it closes) and do 20!!!

Then Sunday I didn't run, nor did I monday.... So today a girl at work and I are going to do an easy 2 - 3 mile run at lunch and hopefully I can hit the gym tonight either at my apt or not.

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