Friday, February 11, 2011

She Like Runs Everyday?

NEWS update:

I have been running! Yes, folks that is right! More often than not during the week I have been running! I have a pretty cool/ gross blog (well I think it is) But can’t get runners world to like my photos off my mac. Anywhoo.

I have been running a minimum of4 times a week, plus yoga, plus bootcamp, plus more cross training. I love it.

So I have a 5k coming up in two weeks, my dad will be in town for it. I will be slow I feel, I am hoping for a 25min finish. We will see. My goal by the end the year is to get my 5k finish time down, way down. I would like to one day run 20 min (or less) 5k’s again, like in college.

I would like to also look for a half marathon. I will be in Southern California in Oct (any out there??) or any race for that matter.

I tried a bootcamp class that my previous personal training was teaching and MAN, I loved it. It was not quite as hard as an actual session with him, but I am def attending the next one!

Here’s a tid bit; When I went to yoga class on Monday there were some women there talking about a friend they both know.

Woman 1 “Yeah, she like runs every day. Crazy dedicated” Woman 2 “really? I run but only when I feel like it and in side on a treadmill for like 2-3 miles” Woman 1 “It was raining the other day and she just got a new garmin? It like tells you how fast your going and how far. Well like I said it was raining so I thought we would go take the step class, but she wanted to run outside IN THE RAIN to test out her new watch. She is crazy.” Woman 2 “ wow yeah I would only run outside in the spring” Woman 1 “ yeah she runs rain or shine out side”

So how many people here are that woman (or person) that these two women were talking about?! Ha-ha. Now I used to be that woman they are talking about and darn’t I’MA BE HER AGAIN! My friends now think I am crazy for my running but I am not dedicated. I want to run fast(er), hence I need to suck it up and train FAST(er).

Anywhoo..I am gearin up for the GoFigure class again tonight (ballet+yoga+pilates) with a co-worker. PUMP’D!!! Oh yeah and run some miles


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