Tuesday, February 1, 2011

High Strung Gym Experiences

My Friend whom I have began to help in her get fit/ lose weight journey decided yesterday to fall down a set of stairs. Now if she just didn’t want to workout Monday she could of said something! Not just decide to get out of it by falling down her stairs. Ha- j/k. Accidents happen. I cautioned her that I will not, and cannot train her when she is injured. I cannot be responsible for any additional problems she may have. She hurt her back and strained her neck. I advised her to lay low for a bit and just do cardio that is comfortable.

So since I could not workout with her at the AFB gym I went to my gym that I have to pay for. I decide that after my workout I’ll be able to do yoga at 7:15, yay. So I get to the gym about 5:50p.m. This was after I went home and cleaned a whole bunch of fresh caught shrimp for dinner later.

As so as I get to my gym I knew something was up, I see balloons. This was no good, I walk in and it felt like a flipping sauna and smelled of fried food. Ugh. Member appreciation day! They had FRIED chicken and other nasty food. I almost threw up. I put my stuff away and head to a Treadmill. To do 1.5 miles (need total of 3 miles for the day). I am going good at an easy pace then in my last few laps a guy comes up to the treadmill next to me. Now, mind you, the gym is FREAKIN PACKED like cow slaughter house. Okay fine, ppl have to workout too. So, there is this sweeping smell of B.O. It is wafting of the man next to me who had a 70s head band on. Sick. I just want to hold my breath!!

Finally I am done with that run and I run away from him. Did a crazy bunch of core work; bicycles, Russian twists, I’mnotgunna list everything. Lets just say 45 mins of cardio core work was sweat-tastical! Then I ran, 1.5miles it was great.

Then Yoga.

Awh, yes, Yoga. How nice and relaxing you are supposed to be. I get in set my mat in the same corner which is the front of the room, many new people think it is the back. Then people just keep pouring in to the class. Okay fine a little tight. Everyone was very chatty the whole time (before class). I stretched and got ready. The teacher closed the door, but before she could she placed a note on the door.


So we begin. Simple stuff since there were so many new people. Then went into the great stuff. Then people randomly get up leave…then come back in. ugh! Then in the middle of the practice a cleaner guy comes in the dark room and does the trash…WTF?! Fine Clear the mind…Relaxation poses…

A cell phone goes off…

this stinks. Class is over but I am still happy with all of my workouts for the day. I feel bad for the yoga teacher.

Review AFB gym = shocking treadmills, my GYM- stinky men, but no shocking treadmills...

This whole training for my up coming 5k is going well.. Hope everyone is staying warm!!! It’s going to be in the low 70s here tomorrow!!


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