Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Long Run with some easy times

For a while now I have wanted to read “the Long Run,” it has been on my list since I found it almost a year ago. My big brother, a DC metro officer, was in a serious auto accident. It was not on duty, but leaving work to head home. Out of everyone involved his injuries were the most severe. (I thank all the loopsters who said a prayer for him) I think I should of read the book then and there. It may have helped me and my family understands what he was going through better, what was going on in my brothers’ head. But I am reading it now. If only now I could have the relationship we once had, awh, but reading a book can’t not solve that other issue.

Side: My brother has fully recovered by Christmas and is now back on the streets patrolling to keep us safe.

Of course there are differences, Long’s injuries were more severe, his road to recovery was longer, and my brother was not an Ironman…No he was superman. To me atleast. In the end it was the same struggles.

So far I am about half way through, I’ve cried and laughed. If you have not read this book. You really should!

Running… Yeah I do it. I have a plan that I am sort of following, I am so far away from any of the races I have planned. Wondering if I should sign up for one, like late sept or something. I have been enjoying my running freedom with Mr. Garmin. Yesterday I got up at 6 am for my run, put on the iPod, and heavy Mr. G and just ran. I did not have to think about it, it was great! I am still so giddy over the fact that he will keep trace of how much I have run and how fast. I am McLov’n it!

I decided on a whole new route, I left the apartments and headed toward the shopping center we live behind. Ran by all the shops, McCalisters, Marble slab (I have been eating wayyy to much ice cream), Target, World Market, Kohli etc. then turned and ran through some empty back roads. It reminded me of my running in college. We did our long runs on back country roads, it was great. Then heading back into the community that is adjacent to my apartment community. It was a boring run, yeah. It was slightly fast. Did not mean for it to be, I just felt good. I think I was avg 8:30 again. Trying to hold it down at 8:46 so I can train up for a 1:30:00 Pikermi.

Today I have 5 miles, I could not for the life of me get up at 6am for the run so that means I have a 90+F run this evening…yay me!

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