Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Its Getting hot in Herrrrrr

Holy soreness batman! Since the weather decided to be un-godly hot and humid, lovely heat advisory and to top it off I’m lazy and did not get up at 6am for my run. I had to head to the gym to run. First off here in the Low Country it hasn’t been below 90 in a very very long time, I think early June? I may be exaggerating but not by a lot. I have been able to run at anytime with no problem, reason behind it is that is has been dry. Like desert dry. Oh ha, that couldn’t last for long. It has heavily rained too many times and now you could eat the air it is so FLIPPING humid. UGH.

So I head to the gym, I brought my new shoes for XT as well as my running shoes. I want to try and see if they will help my shins and what not during it. Also I just don’t think I should be jumping and other activities in my running shoes. Aren’t they just supposed to be for running? I believe it will help keep down the wear and tear on them.

Or I just like them because they are pretty and bright. The Under Armour AU Running shoe. Ha, I just looked it up. It is a low profile running shoe to go with your natural running style. Hmmm. I wouldn’t run in them I don’t think. They are tight, need really thin socks and the toe box is big. The 7.5s didn’t fit so I bought the 7s. Really got them for $40.00 so, I was told I need to shop around find different shoes. Since I cannot get my Brooks GTS10 any more, why must they always “upgrade.” DUDE if it’s not broken DON’T FIX ITTT.

Anyways, I slammed on my ipod, which I need new head phone. Listened to some tunes. Dang, Eminem gets me running good. Angry music just makes me run great. So I clocked out 4miles as prescribed my DR. S.C. at and around 8:41ish. Then I changed shoes and began my XT. I did a bunch of core work with legs and some arms. Weighted lungs +100, weighted squats 45, crunches 25, bicycle 50 hold plank 45 sec repeat 2x, my favorite slider workouts (furniture moving sliders) plank walk forward and backwards and military crawl forward and backwards (feet on the sliders). Bent over rows, curls, some more crunches for lower abs. Ooo another favorite cardio pushup (without the push up)

I felt completely out of shape my friends, I know I did it to myself for not XT since IDK sometime in June. I was doing so good last month then the birthday came and I just ate icecream all the time and bags of candy and a whole hummingbird cake (made with real humming birds) I drank wine too often. Yeah. Pretty bad. Now I am paying for it. Maybe I should jump on the “get sluttie” band wagon. Is it too late??? Am I too far gone?!

Anyways I left shaking some the workout, so I know I did good. This morning I am sore for the first time in a long time. So I feel good and pumped, but still slept through my 6am wakeup call ha-ha. Oh well baby steps my friends baby steps.

Happy Wednesday Who’s ready for some TEAM USA!?!?!?

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