Friday, July 8, 2011

Rainy Caddy Shack Style RUns

(Written 7-6-11)

I finished "The Long Run" today. It was really a book I could not put down. I know I have been talking about this book for a few days, but dang. How much more inspired do you need to be? I know this guy will never be 100% but he still never let an obstacle block him. However painful the miles were he did them. I hate to think how painful the rest of his life his. Obviously he is not the only person who has been in these circumstances, but he is fortunate to of had his story heard. Whether he initially wanted it heard.

All day I had planned to run my 5 miles after work, since for the life of me I could not get up at 6am to run. Then the time came to come home. What did I do? I grabbed "The Long Run" glass of wine and chocolate. Ugh. I have been here for weeks doing the same thing! Not so great. But once I completed the book I don't know I just couldn't sit there all night. I had to run. it was just wrong to be lazy and down in the dumps for no actual reason. I felt ashamed.

I put puppers in her kennel, laced my shoes up, slapped on Mr. Garmin and headed out. It rained for about an hour after I had gotten out of work. When I stepped outside the apartment the rain had all but stopped. Just sprinkling now. I always loved running in the rain or right after a storm in college. It just always felt good, and usually it ended up being a group easy run, with the XC or track team that was always a good day. I made sure to run through every puddle and wet spot that was in my way. It was going to be one of “though” runs. I ran towards downtown Summerville, which is just like a Nicholas Sparks book/movie, really quaint. One day I will take my camera with me (all photos were found on Google images).

Though the sky still appeared that it could open up and all helllllll-o could break loose. I ran through the downtown past the courthouse. Traffic was bad, as it can be for the small area. People from the bank and courthouse were just leaving work still. Then I got to a park, I remember the Flowertown Festival was here. So I ran through that, mud and wet everywhere. Loved it. Finally Mr. Garmin beeped that it was time to turn around and head back. So I did…

The Goal: 5miles at 8:42m/mile

The Run:

Mile Time

1 9:44

2 8:23

3 8:32

4 9:07

5 8:32

.01 23:11

5.01 44:30

As you can see I am really good at pacing…NOT. Love I’m all over the place. The first mile though Mr. Garmin and I did not agree. I didn’t know if it got the satellites and for the first .75 miles it said my pace at 14:30 hmmm okay.

NOTE: When I went to look up images of dark skies, this is the first image that popped up on Google images. Interesting....

Who doesn't love them some Caddy Shack? Happy Friday!

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