Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 6

Alright so I knew the weekends would be hard to stay motivated! And well Sunday took the best of me, I did not do my 45 min run.  We went to church then laid around all day and ate all junk food. Ha! great! I felt so bloated! Oh well monday was a new day!

Monday I went to the gym after work I tried to leave a little early to get to the gym to take the 5:15 cycle class, lil' too late so I decided to do my 3 mile run before the cycle class.  Also was so smart and forgot my iPOd great way to start!!!! I ran a pretty slow 3 miles starting at 10:50min mile to 9:50 to 9:13 then sprinting the last lap, I felt great afterwards!!!!

I did some awesome 10mins of stretching to use up time before the class...still had time so grabbed the fitness magazine and jumped on the eliptical...Then it was time for class!

This woman I've never had for an instructor, she was going around asking a group of woman if they had ever taken the class before (they hadn't) i'm still new to this class but I guess I was doing okay.  Later on in the class she pushed us hard! She made sure all of our bikes were at level 7, now I still am not used to the % for the turns and what not, but I must of been doing alright because she never changed my gears. That actually made me pretty happy! The class was high energy and made me exhuasted by the end but I finished strong!!!!

Today I have 7x400 hopefully at 5k pace....we will see.. now work

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