Saturday, January 23, 2010

3 mile

So today my boyfriend A and I woke up, last night we had talked about him going running with me in the morning and he said yes that he would as he is downing a beer! lol But then we decided to finish out 1 beer play monoploy and hit the head.  It is always so hard to wake up when its cold outside and dark, today was lightly sprinkling and overcast so its gloomy.  Well i finally got up at 7:30 to get ready for the run, dragged him out of bed to begin this, only one really interested was my puppy Rain who REALLY wanted to go! He jokes about wearing flip flops (sneakerss in truck)

Well we headed out on our journey through the neighborhoods today and it wasn't bad, we passed an old man on his daily walk and it was nice to get a run in with my boyfriend. This definately was a first.  He knows how much I want to run again in races so he is willing to help me out there!

So far my knees are just sore so thats good, I need to make sure I watch out for my shin splints which throughout college I had to maintain and the reason for quitting.  I look back now and wish I would of never quit cross country and track...but hey I can still do it now for the rest of my life!!!

Up next: 45mins run tomorrow, outside or tredmill????

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