Friday, January 22, 2010


So finally I have decided on something to write about atleast for about 30days... Though there is a work story i need to write up sometime...

OKay so my new goal is to run in a 8k (4.9miles) race on Feburary 20th here on one of the beaches in Charleston.  I will run 6 days a week like when I was in college, some days will be double days of mornign and evening running.  I don't care how difficult the first month will be but I will push through this just like I know I can.  I need a challenge that I can control in my life unlike all of the unexpected things that have been happening to me in the recent times.  I feel like for 2 years now I've just let things happen to me.  Like my urge to move to Charleston, I need to do everything to make this race happen.

I should be able to finish the race before 45 minutes which is how long I know I can run a 10k (college).  So lets get this going I started My personal program yesterday but ran for two days...

My program is structured I made it from my college schedule and other training schedules I found on line.  So it consists of 30-90 min runs some structured some pace.. 400meter repeats.  5x5x5s (5 min intervals 5k 5 times) cross training(XT) strength training.

So yesterday I went and did a cycling class which I love because they are crazy!!! Then I did a slow 10-14min mile 2miles total.

Today my butt is SORE from the bike seat!!!! lol but I love the feeling of using body parts that you forget about! What I really want is to find a school to do my 400s at and not on a tredmill

Fridays I have designated as my resting days except I do not rest the day before the race so that week is a little messed up..

But anyways!! Tomorrow I will start again I believe with a 3 mile run! then Sun with a 40 min easy run

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