Monday, April 7, 2008

42 Degrees And Customer Service

Yesterday I took my first Dive into the GREAT LAKE. Suicide jump off of the local dock, with tourists watching/ video taping. The first dive is surreal, looking up under the water seeing white but not yet above the water. Once the water fills up making you feel like you are about to go in to hypothermia you go down. Down, down, down. Some where there is a bottom. Finally reach it, and see the world that you never knew about.

There were fish everywhere and mussels, along with old glass bottles. Surprisingly the Lake was fairly clear (10-15ft). Though like being in a new world, got disoriented and didn't realize that I had made a circle (good so that I did not drift into the current) and ending up back to where I began.

Getting out I could not stop shaking for an hour, I guess that happens when your 110lbs and the water is 42 degrees.

For some reason I had one of the largest leg knives (in case some great shark came by or underwater battle?)

It may be hard to see but it goes up to my knee (stay away from me if you see me under you) :)

Hoping the water warms up before my next one (next Sunday), although I already can't wait.

Another Comment On Being A Customer:

  • Do not complain if some small quantity of vegetable is removed from your sandwich because it was not the correct amount
  • Do not yell at the employee for doing their job

How can you yell at someone for not overloading your sandwich with a topping when there are so many countries and millions of people who do not get to eat what you do. And to be so greedy and pissy over food because you live in America where you have the "right" to be fat.

Think about the people who don't get to eat what you are about to put into your mouth, don't complain if you didn't get the large quantity because you can. Be happy being able to eat clean healthy food, but do not be over indulgent.


Jimmy White said...

Dude, that knife was huge. Seriously, what is it for? I agree with your commentary on the epidemic of American gluttony. It is just crazy to think that some people will degrade their fellow men and women over sub toppings when others in the world will likely die today because there in not enough food to feed their country. The best thing for us to do is try to hold ourselves up as an example and hope others follow. Keep up the good work and watch out for the Lake Erie Sea Monster!

cambiamento said...

The knife is in case I get caught in something(fishing line) or you know have to James Bond my way out of a battle.