Monday, April 21, 2008

Survival of Undergraduate and Lessons in Snow Scuba Diving!

It has been awhile there are a few updates I needed to add and things I have been meaning to place in here. But life hit hard, kinda like I fell face first on cement.

Two weeks left....

project due, presentation, presentation, presentation, meeting, teaching assistant, meeting, meeting, exam....losing my second jump drive filled with all my experimental data I've been collecting for a month!!!!!

I hope someone is nice and saved it for me and I'm not going to fail out my 3rd year.

I've been taking my data on my dragonfly larvae for about a month and got amazing results. Here is my nerd moment. I can see through the data points, cyclic respiration (they open "pores" and fill with oxygen then kinda like hold their breathe) looks like a flat line.

These are my tanks for my little guys!!! This is on of my several dragonfly larvae

They were ugly at first but I like them when they stay alive and don't mature into real dragonfly's. I feel bad because I always find them when they have drown :(

*thinking in my head i really need my jump drive to work on this data!!!!!!!*

I haven't been too stressed lately but um well right now its crunch time and i lost my life line (again) ha-ha.

This one is my pride and joy, so far 2 1/2 - 3 years of work into this and I hope we can get it published soon. Me presenting my work at a conference, from this past weekend. Its cellular biology, not my major, nor my favorite thing. It was my first stepping stone in to research and I love having my diverse background. With cell culture to digging in a pond for dragonfly larvae.

One note on this research project that I get funding for every year, I have yet to take a cellular/molecular class. Everything I've learned was in my lab from my amazing PI.

This is my life, which is why I need my jump drive. I really hope I can get it back tomorrow when I head back in.

I am voting in my first primaries tomorrow, excited. To finally be "American," and have my "say" in our leader. Though if you look any intro level political science course you would know we as citizens really don't play a big part in the Presidential election, just to let you know.

Does not matter, I am still excited to participate in History.


Two Sundays ago I went for my 2nd scuba dive in our lovely Great Lake. It may say it is spring but... it still snows here until May-ish.... The recorded air temperature in my log book was 3.3 degrees Celsius and water temperature was 8.3 degrees Celsius. It was nice

Picture this*~*~*~*~*~*~
  • walking down the wooding dock, shifting side to side. Weight on your back enough to pull you into the Earth's core...walking down, turn, looking down....down....down...down...The water is dark. Looking up, the sun is out and it is snowing, gently down on your mask. Hold your thoughts, one step out and all of the world we know is gone....Falling and falling, will it stop? looking up, shimmering light.... Rising up as the suit fills with water, a warm feeling coming across your entire body... SURFACE. Its snowing... Though under water it is a different world, one that we know not much of. How much this amazes me to know nothing! To be in another world that does not know deadlines, requirements, JUMPDRIVES (lil' aggression), hate, discouragement,injustices. It was a warm feelings...Then walking out of the water the cold hard reality set back in with the freezing wind on my face and the weight on my back.

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