Thursday, November 27, 2008


Recently I went on a trip to the BIG WINDY CITY~ Chicago.  I needed a vacation from the world.  Took a train out, slept the entire time.  Got there, huge buildings everywhere.  Walked the city all day...So different.  I felt like I was in the middle of a place where everyone only thought about their blackberries, black jackets, and girls with there highheel boots and the jeans tucked in them.  Sitting on the train I saw a sea of black coats and blackberries flooding the train. HA!  

I was where Obama works, Huge dark building, all of windows.  The secret service.  

Drinking at martini bars, have a new name {pennsylvania}, learned that I do not like the big city.

Now home, back to my reality. So far it really hasn't been that great, bad news after bad news.  

Still living I suposse, Now looking for full-time J.O.B's need to finish my semester with flying colors and do a lot on my own.

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