Monday, September 29, 2008

Perfect girls and Starving daughters

SO, I am overwhelmed with school and multiple jobs. I juggle 18 credits with over 18 hour work weeks, along with sorority, other organizations, family, and once in a while social outing. I am an overachiever, who sometimes feels unappreciated. I take on a lot, with little in return (at the time. I have 2 full blown research projects, one with a professor and one just me. I am a graduating senior trying to get into graduate school. I carry burdens of the past and wishes of the future. There are only a few moments in a day I am allowed to just think about other things than said previously. I am a robot who wakes up and is preset for the day. I come home late at night exhausted from my day. With all of this it would seem difficult to have anything to wonder about and think about other than previously mentioned activities. Yet I still have time to criticize my work ethic, my emotions, and my body, I feel as if I do not work hard enough, I am too emotional, and out of shape. Even if I am constantly studying, working through emotions and eating healthy/ working out. I always be the smart/ intelligent girl with her downsides.

I am going to a speaker tomorrow for my Sorority (we are sponsoring), Courtney Martin. I just watched her youtube video (below) and now my reaction is to be in awe. She writes about what we as the intelligent overachiever women think about deep inside.

I am excited to see her tomorrow night. Now I am in my research lab waiting for LB Broth to cool and put in some lovely DNA. Today before work (at the bar) going to pick up her book.

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