Friday, September 25, 2009

NEw Life

HEllo out to everyone (not like there is anyone)

It has been months, upon months since I've written anything. Well I haven't had an exiting few months. Subway and bartending everyday from May to Aug and no friend time. Because I wanted to escape and move far far away, well I did it!

I am now on a new life and adventure of my own, to begin so many new things!

Moved to the Low Country of Charleston, SC. Love'in the weather, the people, the neighbors, the co-workers. I have been here now for a month and 5 days! within that time I have recently gotten a job at a ressearch company for molecular plant biology (AWESOMNESS) and I work part time at bdubs to make some friends really. Loving my own lil' space with making my dreams come true.

I have always wanted my own apartment and to move on my own and have pretty much my own life to make what I want of it.

To do the things I want to do without the ppl negative ppl I lived around back home, I feel like the life back home was dark and full of negative energy. While here I feel the exact opposite, its bright, full of life, positive energy and so many new opportunities!

My the backdrop of my day job is in the woods that if full of life and new creatures (to me), snakes, lizards. LIke rat snakes, anoles, skinks.

so many places to go hiking, kahiking, the ocean!!!!!

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