Sunday, July 20, 2008


It has been too long....Feel like for sometime I have lost my mind...Running through thoughts, events, getting my bearings back....Took a airbag in the face to remember everything I'm working towards.

You work hard for something that you want and it feels very awesome when you earn the grades or reward that you struggled hard to obtain. Through all the stress of the books, lack of sleep/fun, wanting it all to be over, almost giving up...The last few feet that seem to drag. Well are rewarding....

Lately working is my main passion I guess you could say. Attempting three jobs (when I have a car) Bartending (LOVE IT) Sandwhich making (slavery) and reseach.

when to California for an AMAZING two weeks (pictures still to come), First day right off of my lovely 1st class flight was taken to the ocean :) gorgeous!!! Spent everyday with my cousin who also was getting married. Everyday was beautiful, 90 degrees, no humidity.... Went to Laguna Beach, Newport Beach. Hollywood :-D even Saw a TV star. I did not want to come home back to the United States (haha) It was like I left the country, only to come back to a dark home.... was a cloudy dark day....went down to the dock sat there for a while thinking about everything that occured out in "never never land" my mind stayed back there with my heart it seems....Home....everything knocked me down...lost a few things, somme for the good some for the bad... Its always how you come out of things...lately i've been taken it pretty calm, unlike the waters i've been swimming in lately.

So where did this summer go? Lost it with my mind wandering, now was back on track.. Studying to take my GREs working in my lab and at the bar and other places. Found a great car...soooo for my topic I've sent you through SO CAl and now....

Went with my glass, car accident, down for a second and everything is up in smoke...more damage to me then to the car...damn airbags...2nd degree burns these things are made to save you... when I got more hurt from them then without....Just recently had a conversation about how they are dangerous then few weeks later I get to defend it...

SO CAL, oh how much I miss you!!!

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