Thursday, December 3, 2009

Financial Crisis

Alright, awesome, well......

Did not realize that yes all of my student loans are due ohhhh by next week! I do not make enough money, nor am I a perament employee!!! Yeah, yer, forbearance please please get approved! I guess I was suppossed to do this two months ago, did not realize that it was due so soon!!!! I thought only one was due.

Its $88.00 + 170.00 + 130.00 = can't afford lol I guess not too bad, but i'm making buy on all of my bills now!!! Which I realized my Cellphone bill was jacked up! Yeah I Have been over paying for months!!! I didn't realize at some point Vcast (gay) got put on my bill, an extra 15.00 a month WHA?!?!?! I am so jacked right now!!!!

UGh Just frustrated, i hate money!!! making me want to either run to the service/ameri corps for a while and or idk, i really want to be back in schooL!!!! Def need to start studying for my GREs like offically now!!! not like I do anything else now a days.

Though I really need to focus on my research and also should I take the BIO GRE???? Wish someone could help me on that situation!!

So freaking out that I can't afford my loans and do not want bad credit! I have been good at paying most things....

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