Thursday, December 31, 2009

My end of 1 crazy year

Well wow, today is it! The end of Two Thousand Nine.... It definately has been a crazy 365 days.  Working three jobs half of the year, meeting so many new people, trying to save some friend ships, being single for the entire year (well except for this month ;) ) Throughout the year I look back and several things I do regret but I had to hit rock bottom to go some where from it right?

I drank too much in secret to hide my sorrows, which in turn took time away from my studies in my last semester in college.  I seperated myself from my sorority and friends, which now I am sorry for because I am all most 1000 miles away from everyone.  Though I DID graduate.

I regret some choices I made while living my last few months in Erie, PA.  I would have never made them if I wasn't in the mind set I was in.  I can say I have been depressed for a long time, I have learned how to deal with it and my anxiety.  But moving out of dreary errrie has really changed that, I can say I have not been depressed since I made a life altering decision!

For 2009 I can say that my random up and moving to Low Country has been the greatest thing I could have done for myself, my mother never left and I would love to say that is why she is who she is...but idk if I can say that.  Also my dad never got the chance to leave, though he wishes he would of...but he still says he was meant to stay in Erie so that he could adopt my brothers and have me, to save us from a life that could have made different outcomes to all of our successes.

I hope for this new year 2010 that I do not make regrets now that I have reset my life per say.  I hope that I can continue to maintain my healthy relationship with Alan, my family, and God.  I hope to have the courage to handle myself in a controled manor for most situations. and the courage to share a life with my new beau. 

  1. Lose my last 10lbs
  2. run in several races, hopefull 1 by feb
  3. maintain a healthy lifestyle
  4. save money, while paying bills ;)
  5. help someone less fortunate
  6. apply to graduate school
  7. learn something new

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