Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holidays and Home

So I traveled home for the holidays again, this time I flew.  I do enjoy the traveling, and time with my familia.  Well in short bits, it really wouldn't be a nightmare if it wasn't for my dads' wife.  She is a pain, she complains about every little thing and is extremely over dramatic about oh, uh, EVERYTHING.  Every holiday she is always complaining about the food, she can't handle the garlic we put in our food.  Let's back up, she' English and they don't know how to cook with flavor/ spices, so she is always over loaded with (in my mind) great flavors.  She says she has to make herself throw up after every time she eats with my family or it will upset her for days. Yet she'll stuff her fat face with her families boring food that I can't eat. Even my health food tastes better than the cardboard they cook! So she says she got sick christmas eve so wouldn't come to dinner on christmas day, even though she ate all day at her parents and was still eating when I came home from my mom's parents. Ironic.

So she makes my holidays frustrating, maybe its because I stay with them... But I don't want to stay with grandparents because I'll come home late once in a while and I don't like to bother people.  I had to keep my cool the entire time I was home, though a few times I almost blew it and retailiated to her.

I  do not know why my dad and his wife ask me what I want for christmas or birthday if they wont get it for me.   Now I've grown up and I don't ask for outlandish things, all I wanted was either a Steelers Jersey OR a digital camera.  My dad even asked on Thanksgiving if I still wanted a camera and I said YES, what did I get? hello kitty christmas ordaments, hello kitty shirt, (now i love hello kitty but i'm not going to wear a shirt that is also bought for my 4 year old neice), a penguin night light, a brown orange, hello kitty highlighters. Apparently I am 4 years old at all times. 

So what did I do? I said thank you for my gifts, then immediately ran to my cell phone and called my new beau Alan to complain.  He is very patient with me and I love him for that (a blog will be made on how we met!) I couldn't wait to go home to SC to be with him and get back to my life.

After two full days and 2 half days I couldn't wait to come home, and have little christmass with my beau!!! I missed him a lot

He really is amazing, for christmas in all from him I got a CHI (hair straightner), cowboys jersey(didn't care for but its for him), and a new DIGITAL CAMERA :) he really is amazing he knew thats all I wanted and I can't believe he actually got it for me, I guess me complaining and bitching about my family he got it so I may stop :)

I couln't ask for a better ending to a caotic christmassssss

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