Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 1 Meal Plan = Suck

So well today was my first day of my planned meals! Ha! okay so I ate 6-7 times today and was still hungry!!! Also who knew blackbeans take like entire day to make! The ones that are already cooked have a crazy high sodium which I can't consume with this mean plan. I have decided since I'm allowed to have dessert, darn it i'll def be eating it! So I bought skinny cow chocolate ice cream bars and they are yummy yummyy (only 100cals) actually lower than most of the weight watcher ones.

my session with the trainer went well, we went over my "homework" plan which I do when I am not with her. It's pretty intense, we had to up grade it to be more challenging because I'm not too out of shape. I was shaking by the end :) meet again this thursday. So it has been one day for food(I've already made my lunch for tomorrow)

Well I have been doing well I think, i have gone everyday since last wednesday minus Sunday which has always been my one day off. So Day 6 at gym complete :)

Baby gate means nothing! She flew over it. lol Put Diaper on her, came home and she ate it! lol
peed on my floor about 5 mins ago, biting me, and now racing around the apt.

Still making beans (1 1/2 hours left) lol

I know i'm only 122lbs but I still love watching the Biggest loser!

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