Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unproductive Employee

I never really have a theme for a blog yet, just going off from my previous day.


So I feel weird when I do not have any assignments really to do, or I do but they are done with my Boss at a specific time. Also if I come in early or stay late to makeup hours for a time I want to take a day off (no vacation hours) or leave early, I actually really don't have anything to do. Hence me blogging at work or always looking at scientific journals online. My boss tells me its okay if I am reading articles or my Molecular Cloning books because he knows that he doesn't give me enough work to do to keep me occupied all day long.

Though the other women in my lab are busy all the time and when I am doing this I feel awkward and ashamed. There are days I help them and take a load off of their shoulders because there is no work for me and I do maintain the lab by cleaning up and stocking all our chemicals and such that are used frequently. But still, I don't know if many people are in my situation, I am not given a lot of work because I only have a B.S. and everyone else whom is also 30+ and has their masters degree. Though really I am so so so fortunate to actually even have this job for just graduating this past may, so I believe that is why I really don't want to ruin it by not working, yet my boss doesn't care, per say.

For example today, I came in at 7 a.m. (hour early) so that I can leave at 3 p.m. (as long as I eat lunch quick and don't take an hour), but all I have to do is fertilized plants (1/2 tops) and measure plants (45mins tops), then after lunch @ 1:30 do a routine experiment with my boss (1 hr tops). I feel that if I do my morning work all at once I am lazy, if I do it off an on same.

Its a great job! Trust me, you wear jeans and a top no real dress code they said its business causal but they let the scientist wear whatever since no one sees us ha-ha, but the front office people are all business all the time.

So living in the south is obviously quite different than living on the US and Canadian border which is like an ice pole. This morning I took my puppy outside in just jeans and a t and felt so great! The leaves here are finally changing color, only because it hasn't rained everyday here. So they are just dying. They really don't change like PA, no bright colors from the cold stress (nerd) they get like orange, a little red, then brown and on the ground. But there are so many evergreens here that when your driving down the high way everything for the most part is still green, and its like small holes of trees are changing color.

I am surprised how excited I am to go home next week, I really didn't think I would. I think maybe its just familiar up there and it's what I expect. I keep thinking it's going to just get super cold here, but then I remember where I am! lol

So I went to the gym last night (yay), I really wanted to try a cycling class. My brother (brojangles) told me that him and his wife go all the time to them. I was definitely nervous! I mean going into a class that (1) you've never done before, (2) you don't know anyone in there, (3) it's in the dark lol I think its for the energy, not quite sure. Every time I look in the class looks awesome. So I got to the gym early, little after 5p.m. the class didn't start until 6:15 ha! So I worked on the elliptical for 30mins doing intervals, then the treadmill for 20ish minutes with an incline to keep the heart rate up... So then finally 50 some minutes later I was def ready for the class!!! I walk in, everyone knows what their doing and adjusting the bikes for them. I just stare at it, pretending I know what I'm doing. I swear sometimes I'm more like a guy and don't ask for direction and just go with it! I was surprised at the amount of guys in the class!!! It seems like that with all of the classes at my gym men participate, I have never seen that back home! The class was def a work out of the legs, also kinda stressed my knees out. But we did "hills," speed, and like aerobics, it was a 30/60/90 mins class so you could stay for however many minutes you wanted, which by the way 60 was plenty!!!!

Today my trainer at 5p.m. which is also why I'm here at work so early!

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