Monday, November 16, 2009

The Rules of Dating

So I have been in the dating scene now for a year and 9 months, well I'll say it really has not been going very well. I end up being very picky and stop talking to people for small things that really either annoy me or I just don't want to deal with. Some maybe understandable others may not be. I usually don't go past 30days with someone these days, I have decided that you can't begin a relationship until after 30 days. Its like the free 30day trail that all the TV ads have, you need to test it out and see if you want to keep it around for a while. In my 30 day trail I try to get to know the person, I still usually end up hurt or very disappointed becuase I really do want to find someone.

Its things like not calling and only texting, or calling too often. Smoker, annoying, can't have a conversation with, making me pay,

Okay this one I don't quite get, idk just annoyed about this one. This guy we've been dating/talking for about a month now but really not because we hangout 1 a weekish sometimes a little more because he has two jobs. I was really into him but not so much now just losing interest (like always) I really get bored QUICK. So I asked him if he would want to go see a movie (the 4th kind) just to try and hangout. He said yeah sure, so last night go to the movie and he's just standing there. I'm like, "am I paying? or you and/or am I paying for just my self or the both of us?" he said "I don't get paid until tomorrow and you asked ME to go to the movie" WAIT WHAT?!

Does that really mean for me to pay for the movie??? Considering we've only been to 1 movie and 1 dinner and when we went to the fair (took his roommate whom he paid for ) I paid for myself.

Did I lose touch with dating? Are there new rules that I don't know about? I have never paid for a
date, I am such a old school girl, not like I want to be pampered but I want to be courted!!!

Or is it that I really just suck at meeting good guys? HELP

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