Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Sunday SUNNDAAYYY!!!

So yes today is Sunday if you couldn't get that by the Title :) So Lets see....


So far I have Gone Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Today Will be my one day off a week, I have felt great everyday that I have gone. I keep debating to have a trainer I think this week I'll decide financially. The only thing keeping me from not doing it for a few months is that I want a flat screen TV and a WII He-He. But I want to be in the best shape of my life also and I know with a trainer I can learn all the ways to get there! I'll keep going now 6 days a week easy/ hard days every other day. I also want to start taking classes!


Have been hanging out with my friend Lauren a lot lately, it is fun to make new friends, I really haven't since I was in school and in my sorority where every semester I got new sisters as well as friends. When I left Erie I felt like I was alone, I spent my senior y near secluded and I did it to myself, I just wanted to be out of the city and state so bad, I feel that I may have burned some bridges and I now pray that I really haven't that maybe I've just grown apart from people. I know I put myself as an outsider in my sorority after they helped me so much but senior year was a strange time for me, not knowing what I was going to be doing after May 15th. But now that I have a job and am settled in a new place, I believe still I am the happiest I've ever been. I feel bad that is it soo soo far away from my loved ones.

Is this what it really took? For me to go off on my own adventure to be happy? I feel bad sometimes that I had to go so far away from home to really be happy. I am the only one in my family who has ever done this and living on my own. I really do enjoy every minute of every day now. I don't think I really ever have enjoyed life so much or to this extent.

Now I would like to find a nice person to share my life with... (Ha-ha) I think I'll still wait for that Mr, Right / Prince charming to come into my life and still like it has been for two years now I'll pick and choose until I find him...


So I love my School football team PENNN STATEE which won 31- 20 vs Indiana yesterday.

Then also Steelers! Which I love the HUGH fan base in Charleston! But I have also found that there are so many Northerners' down in Low Country and the southerners do not like it very much (Oh WEll) Life is better in the south. But Today the game is on our local channel!! Where as at home it isn't even on TV because the Buffalo Bills are away, it is so weird that home is so close to Pittsburgh but I get more games on TV. The game is at 1p.m. so I'll either watch it here with Rain or go to Bww in Summerville with my friends.


So I am in the bible belt of America, since I have moved here I did begin reading my bible that a Boyfriend years ago bought me. But since I began working really haven't gone to church or read it. Now that I quit my weekend job (bww) I think today I'll go to church @ 11. It is an Interdenominational Church so it welcomes people of different faiths (I'm catholic) but I really want to try new churches because I do not connect with the catholic church, it doesn't "hit" me.

I want to go to a place where I feel welcome and that the words are understandable and that we are not just going to hell unless we repent everything. A church to fit my life style. I have been to one that my brother and his family used to go to in NC and it was really what I'm looking for in a church, a young crowd, band, down to earth type of place.

I do want to try and understand God and such matters because I know under that situation I am utterly confused, I began reading Genesis and the first testament = WOW That man was pissed and I want to call him man because he walked with man, I don't believe a god can walk among men unless he is a man. But maybe that will be a post all among its own.


So she is a wild child! Think possesd by the Devil or some demon!!! But then other times the cutest little thing in the entire world (I still don't want children thanks to her) But I went to the bathroom this morning for less than a minute and in that time she pooped in my living room! WHAT????? lol no luck with this one. It has been over a month trying to house train her.

Alright have a good day there blogging world! (I don't end papers or anything completely, I seem to like abrupt endings, kind of like a cliff-hanger)

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