Friday, November 20, 2009

Last Night's Dream

I had a really interesting dream last night and I think also a nightmare.  At one point I woke up in the middle of the night probably scaring my puppy but I was sweating bullets!!! Ofcourse I had no recalection of what the heck I was dreaming about! Rain was up and licking me, suggesting she may need to go out so that she don't use the living room as her giant bathroom.  So I took her outside, it was a cool night (only 11:30p.m.) it had already began to become foggy, which for some reason the past few days fog has been coming through us from the ocean.  So it was quite eerie outside, enhancing my thoughts of what could I have been dreaming of!

I went back inside Rain wanted to play but I got her to lay back down with me, promising her I wouldn't attack her.  Then I began to dream again, but this time it was good and slightly confusing.... I dreamt about a trainer at my gym, this cute guy I see just about everyday I'm there.  He is out going and funny.  Not really great looking but he has a cute face.  He's not my trainer, yesterday he was doing lungs behind me when I was doing them up and down a lane (ha-ha) was funny because I kept falling over laughing because I could see him in the mirror behind me.  Okay back to my dream, I was at the gym, but in the obsese section ? I think I was too much Biggest Loser.  He was training me but it was definitely not G rated! Also I saw some of my sorority sisters at the gym, but not ones I was really familiar with, these girls got in my Senior year spring semester when I was MIA because I was trying to graduate and finish my crazy huge research project (which is still incomplete data needs dealt with) but I walked up to them and pushed her shoulder like hey didn't notice me! But they didn't seem to care who I was.  I was upset by this.  So then I get going and walking out of gym I'm now in a hospital / dinosaur muesum.


Then I see my friend from Subway (worked at for 6 years) who also ended up at my college,  he was in scrubs and doing his rotation? Though in my head in my dream I was pretty sure he was going for liberal arts.  But it was just strange to see him in my dream we just talked and caught up?! We never actually talked or anything, just friends he's like years younger and haven't worked or seen him in years. 

Then I walked out of the gym/hospital/muesum and got lost going to my car, which is nothing new I do that everyday.

The only thing I can understand is the sorority issue, I feel bad for not being around my last year really after so much that happened.  I do love my sisters and their support but I think I fear the new girls.  Not knowing how they will be in my chapter and what the outcome of the chapter will be.  Also I am nervous I think to go home in Feburary to attend our White Rose Formal.  As for the rest, this just makes me wonder what the heck is going on in my subconcince?!  What random dreams mean at all!!

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