Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So yesterday I went to the gym to talk to my trainer about what we'll be doing and about nutrition. I'm doing all of this just to learn all the better ways to take care of myself (though I'm doing fairly well as long as I stay on track) and to understand what certain excercises do for me.

I'll be doing full body workouts using pretty much cardio and resistence (no sit-ups). When I did the workout last week I was completely sore the next day from using muscles I haven't used in a long time, Its not that i'm over weight or never done a workout in my life. I am just out of shape, since I have not comitted 6days a week to the gym like I did for years. I have been very excited every time I head to the gym.

Every 2-3 weeks or so my diet plan changes, right now I am working with a "cleaning up" meal plan. This is were I'm surprised it really wont change, just more structured.

7:00 1 egg (or 3 egg whites) + 1/2 cup oats not sweetend
9:00 2 rice cakes with 1-2 tbs peanut butter or fruit
11:30 3-5oz fish (since i don't eat land animals i guess) + 1/2 brown rice + 1/2 broccoli + 16 no sodium almonds (which actually i've always hated their texture
2:00 2 rice cakes with 1-2 tbs peanute butter or fruit (today fruit)
5:00 3-5 oz fish, +1/2 black beans + small salad with 1-2 tbs vinegerrate
9:00 power bar
***2 cheat meals a week
***1/2 to 1 gallon water a day = 64-128oz water

only rice cakes i've ever enjoyed were the cheddarones which aren't really that great for you. but I'll give this a whorl since I don't eat "meat" but i do eat fish and tofu. I love carbs I guess since I'm Italian I love love love love pasta. Yet there are no carbs like that in my meal plan :(

I also have no clue how Thanksgiving will go since I am traveling home and will not have access to a gym, though I'll still probably attempt to go runninging the cold. Though the vacation will include copeous amounts of food and alcohol, I mean come on it's Erie, PA lol. That's all that they do there.

Today I meet again with her to go through my workout then tell me my homework until we meet next week. I'm actually worried that there will not be running like I enjoy, I love a good 4-5 mile run it makes me feel great and the runners "high" is just awesome once you reach it :) I do still want to run in races here.....when? We will see I guess.... Untill next time (probably later today since this counts for yesterday missing a blog)

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