Friday, November 13, 2009

Talking About Work

So one thing that has been a bit difficult, or should I say lonely? Not being able to talk to someone after work about my day and have them care. I have gotten responses like why tell me I'm not going to understand what you do, it is hard when you do something that no one your around can begin to fathom what you may be doing. When I was get no results on my research I was kinda down and feeling like I was not good enough for my job and that I did not deserve, though my boss is wise man and says, "failure is the only way to success" and it is a good thought to always keep in mind. So I failed a few times and messed up some experiments, using chemicals that did not contain the proper "ingredients" then I went back re-did my experiments slowly checking everything and ensuring they were done properly. Then I began getting 100% efficient in my Cloning project!!!! Last Friday I was so excited that I had done so well all week, at my second job (buffalo wild wings, which I quit this past Tuesday) I was just like jumping off the wall!! But no one could understand. But I still celebrated that weekend for it!

So that part of my job makes me really miss school and being surrounded by friends whom I could sit down and completely tell them my success and/or failures of my job.

So I have been in Charleston now for 2 1/2 ish months and I was told its pathetic that I have no ventured out and done everything "Southern" or sampled all the foods here. So last night I went out to eat with a friend? (confusing were "talking/dating" but see each other once a week) ANYWAYS, went to seafood restaurant Noisy Oyster. On the Menu had Gator, wait what?! Yeah Gator as an appetizer (told taste like chicken) so no did not want to try that yet. BUt I got crab cakes (good) with Carolina red rice (also ended up good), my friend got some sorta of eco gumbo? anyways i tasted it and it was tasty!!!! So I'm told i still need to try oysters and collard greens and grits among several other southern things, if someone makes me eat gator, snake, possum, something that is not meant to be eaten idk.... run!


So last night I had my first time with a trainer, her name was Tiffany. She was intimidating, but a nice girl. We went to an analysis, my bmi (24.8 border line) fat to body weight (30%) which is in the unhealthy/ need major help section! My goal is to be back at my old weight (105-110) considering I am only 4 11, which means to lose a lot of fat!!! I cannot believe I have a lay of fat on me!!! I used to go to the gym 6 days a week after I stopped Cross Country and Track!!! Everyone told me I was crazy dedicated to the gym, then I moved in to my Dad's house and BAM! I stopped going! It has been a year and a half since I was an avid workout-aholic. So now I am pumped!! The routine was using resistance and keep heart rate up = burn more
Routine she had me do:
10 mins on elliptical starting at level 10, every minute increase by 1 level and switch direction! OMG the longest/ hardest 10 mins of my life!
THEN used a rubber band on the ankles and side step across the gym, then back the other way (thighs and gluts)
balance ball on wall for squats
balance ball push ups (and others things i don't know how to name or describe)
Mini trampoline with weight ball going back and forth to each arm
half ball thing (which i could not balance on for the life of me) lifting weights
more resistance on balancing ball working arms.
3 other things that randomly can't think to names
one where you have your back against a board and pull your legs up.
then bike 4-5 mins cool down.

I am sore today and that was only a 30min work out!!!

I can't weight to begin the rest and do my nutrition, which I don't think will be too hard just need to kick me off the sweets that I got stuck to liking since I moved home that I'm still buying!!!
Since my diet now consists of fish, tofu, whole wheat grains,(breads, pasta, rice, name it) yogurt, fruits/vegs, no carbonated drinks except beer on weekends and fast food when friends make me at 1am

Well I have not done a thing at work today so maybe lunch then get something done!!! More updates to come Finally.

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