Monday, November 22, 2010

A 16 miles and a camping we will go!

This past weekend I went camping, redneck style. I had 16 miles on the books the tackle first! I went to work early so that I could get it done after work. I planned 4 loops of 4 miles…I set out each loop good, the first one I though that I goofed and ran too short a distance. But looked at my map later I did not.

I ran 16 miles in 2:16:16 mins at a 8:31pace. GU on the 8 mile mark. Wow I am doing alright it seems. I took my ice bath stretched, the bf and I had decided on pizza for dinner since we had to get ready for the weekend.

There are times after my long runs I just can not put anything in to my body, I ate small salad and two small pieces of a 10” pizza pie. Eh-what ev.
Completing my run before going camping made me feel (1) accomplished and then (2) lazy all weekend lol.

I say redneck camping because it was at his hunting club, dog hunting. We stayed in an old Truck refrigerator trailer. It has been transformed in to a “camper” with four beds a kitchen and a huge screen tv, but not a new one. Like one of the original BIG screens lol.
It is still fun. WE (meaning just him I sat in the truck) hunted all day, no dead bambi’s YAY! He just shot at one but didn’t hit it. Then I made a fire, we grilled dinner and drank some Coors and budlites by the fire I made! I did get to make my BF his first Smore…I can not believe he had no clue what it was?!
Now he loves them!
So my running is doing well over all. This upcoming weekend we are going camping again so Friday I will do my 20 miler…
Today I have 10miles, two of which I will be running with a friend yay!
Happy Monday!

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