Tuesday, November 16, 2010

20 miles of bliss

This past Saturday was my first attempt at 20 miles. It was kind of stoopid, considering I have been slacking off for a week. I ran Thursday (5 miles), and then Friday 9 miles. They were uneventful. Just attacked by 12 year old boys with pellet guns…

So I prepare for my long run. I had gone to DICK’S to get more GU’s I bought Chocolate Outrage, TriBerry, and Cliff’s Razz something. At home I still had a Strawberry banana GU.

I woke up early Saturday, thanks to my puppy Rain. She decided I should be up at 3 A.M. to take her out then woke me up at 7. So I got up, slowly ate my breakfast of old fashion oats with banana and cinnamon. About 8 O’clock I was ready to go!

I layered up, tights on, sleeveless running shirt with a long sleeve over it. I put 1 GU in my tiny pocket of my tights with my iPOD then my other GU’s in the sports bra (front). Ha-ha you’ll find out how that ended up in the end.

I head out, it was great running weather. Honestly my run was not that exciting. I ran 17.72ish miles from my apartment to a bike path and the 6.75 miles to the end of it then back home. Every hour I fueled.

Strawberry banana GU- Love it!

Cliff Razz- Love it, tasted like warm push pops

So I must just not enjoy the Lemon Sublime or what ever that one I had the other week.

I was beginning to hurt after or around mile 18. I was slowing down, I was aching, my gait was not normal; I couldn’t get my body to do what I wanted. Also at the 2 hour mark I took off my long sleeve. I put body glide on the sports bra area but not the armpit area. The last four miles I got pure rubbing but only on one arm. My right side.

By time I made it back to my parking lot I wanted to cry, actually I think I was in tears: pain and accomplishment. I sipped some water and kept going I had 2 miles left. I painstakingly made a mile then had to stop, I do not want to be dumb and injure myself this late in the game.

Ice bath, hot shower, protein shake then look over the damage to the body.

First: my right pinky toe (something is up with my whole right side of my body only side that is ever damaged) my WHOLE pinky toe was a blister….shoe problem. Need to go a size up.

Second: Remember where I stored two of my GU’s??? Yeah bad idea, the two girls were badly hurt!! Deep scratches…I am dumb lol… Find a better location..

Over all I am proud of what I can accomplish and how well my body is doing. This is the first time I am sore and it is from my week of slacking on the running until the last minute. My right quad I sore still but it teaches me that if I want to be strong I need to keep going no matter how much I just want to sit on the couch.

Like Monday night I did not really want to run due to just being tired I had 9 to do, but did 5, so today I will do 4 plus some XT.

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