Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Motivation That Tricky Little Bugger

Motivation is a tricky little guy, he comes and goes as he pleases it seems. One day he is thriving and says, “Yeah! We got this, keep going!” and then other times he just walks out the door with out saying a word. When he is gone it feels like he took part of me with him. Like (nerd alert) the Golden Compass, he took my Damen away from me and I had indecision. Okay so I just watched that movie this weekend.

This is how I feel, because right now he is in my life and jumping up and down like Peanut on crack (he still denies his drug problem). ZOooommmm.
Last night I ran my 4 miles that I had to make up from Mondays Boudreaux (thanks CK for that word) 9 miles, I got in 5. This was because I was still sore from my 19.5 miles (as previously mentioned). I am today, Wednesday, still sore. I really hurt myself by not running for a full week; I am trying to keep it good as to not injury myself. I also did some XT workout, short but full intensity. Love it.

I have been feeling my shines slightly, not bad but don’t want to hurt them. I am taking 100% precautions, icing all the time. I hate medicine so that is only an option after long runs. I have also notice cracking, my legs and knees. Any ideas for that?
This morning I woke up at 6 a.m. wide awake, weird. I have been trying to wake up early to go for my run, or work out, or yoga, or just something! But this morning something was different, that little man Motivation was jumping on a trampoline in me. I got up made coffee (but didn’t drink it) and did my set of high intensity interval training for the day. I always worry about hurting my shins; one day when they grow up they will be nice and strong! After this workout I feel good and my shins feel no more worse for ware. I definitely do enjoy that morning work out watching the sunrise and the cool breeze coming through my sliding glass door. Awhh perfect.
Seeing the sunrise even if it is just on my pond in the center of a bunch of apartments is still pretty, it still shines.
My loving bf said that I am too awake for this time in the morning, as I am jumping on the bed trying to wake him up! Ha-ha.

So today my friends I have 9 miles with 5x5x5, but that is for 5k training so I may alter it. Like 8 mins x3, and then add up the miles.
Lately when I run (besides my 19.5 miles) I haven’t been running my easy runs with my Timex, because I just run faster than I am supposed and don’t know how to run slower. I didn’t mention last blog but I finish my 19.5 miles in 2:50:00 so not too bad.

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Elizabeth said...

Hope your shin feels better soon but that 19ish miler was a quick ramp, be careful.

Not too crazy about taking meds too so normally do the icing, message and all others before taking the med.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.