Monday, November 29, 2010

Today I will run. Yes, I think I will

IT has been a short while since I have been on here; hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Mine was good and not so good. My karma must be just out of whack, or I have had lots of bad karma built up. My thanksgiving night the BF and I went to our friend’s house for a great and lovely dinner, bottle of wine, and some pie. Though I was not home with my family, I was spending a great holiday with a new found family down here.

We leave with a full pumpkin pie, my friend made two pumpkin pies and two pecans so we got pie and turkey, yummy. Get home around 8:30- 9:00 carry all our goodies up stairs clean up and go to sleep. Little did we know what lie for me in the morning?

In the morning the BF gets up and goes hunting, I had a list of things to do. One of which included sleeping in! I am wakening by pounding on my door! The puppers is yelling I am going “Wtf” I get up and dressed, no more pounding on the door… Creepy, open the door slightly. No one is there. Hmm okay.

Have my coffee and bagel watch my recording of BL; Where are they?

Get ready to go to the store because I wanted to make a rum cake for the hunting club we were supposed to spend the weekend down there. I go down to my car, get in. hmmm something is out of place.

All of my vehicle papers were thrown about the car! Someone was in my car rummaging through it!!! They stole my purse/wallet which was under my seat hidden. UGH SO upset, but the stoopid people did not take my GPS?! Ugh

Upset call BF took over and hour (no reception) cancel all cards, freak out, call police, freak out.

Needless to say we just lay around Friday because I was so upset. Saturday we eventually made it to camp but only after the police officer came back out and processed my car. Which was boring for the most part, the camping I mean.

I have not run. I have been lazy and I ate!

Today is a new week, I only have 50some days left before my FIRST marathon. Also today the office (of my apartment community) called; someone dropped my purse in the drop box. What?! Weird. EVERYTHING in it…

Maybe the just wanted cash; which I don’t carry.

Oh well.. Someone still violated my car.

Today I will run. Yes, I think I will.

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