Friday, November 19, 2010

Over Looked Thankfulness?

There are things that we seem to over look. We get up get ready for work, do our morning ritual, go to work/school, come home either workout/run/family time etc. Dinner, rest, sleep, and repeat the next day. These are all things that as individuals we work hard for. We put everything into our homes, our toys, our cars, our family and loved ones.

Do we think about these things?

Maybe this came at the right time of year.

The BF and I had to take our clothes to the apartment laundry room, our dryer broke and he is not Mr. fix it…Well at least with this stoopid dryer. So we take the clothes up (it is dark) but them in the dryer and get ready to go. We were going out for dinner. A woman knocks on the door we open because we are leaving and she walks in. Now this is a problem because we have a key to get in to that locked building (paid for) she apparently did not. We did not know if she lived there. So my guy stayed inside while I went to the car (she did not look right, like on drugs), he did not want to feel responsible if something happened to our clothes or the community center. He told her that he didn’t feel comfortable with her being in there without a key, so she walked out.

Note: BF had the gas tank stolen out of his john boat last month. We live in a great community just bad people are everywhere.

These people had been sitting in a car, just sitting in it. Weird.

So I am out running the other day and I notice the same red car in a different location in the community trying to move their car. Um okay, car troubles.

Then yesterday I am out for my run which was going to be 9 but today I am running my long run (going camping this weekend), I run by see them now parked by my apartment. They look like they are checking the battery or something in the engine…okay. They never say anything to anyone. They are kind of out of it.

In the evening, around 6 or 7 I take my puppers out and that red car is still there…they are in it just sitting there with sheets in the windows. Creepy, are they living in it? It scares me thinking that they may still something or just walk into someone apartment.

Later when BF comes home from hunting he says that there are cops outside getting the people out of the car and talking to them. He confirms they were living in the car; the one woman was kicked out of her moms’ apartment here. BF stays down stairs and waits for the officer who apparently lives in our community (several police officers live in our apartment community as well as the neighborhood behind mine; I am thankful) He gives the officer the case number about his stolen gas tank, the office mentions that another one was just stolen last week! These people may be the ones who did the crime…
They obliviously needed it, they were not working, who knows what they were eating, drinking, smoking, or snorting. These people seemed to give up on making good choices. I always believe you make what you want with what you were given.

With thanksgiving coming up I am thankful for the healthy choices I have made with my life and worked very hard for everything that I have. I never had anything given to me but I made due with what I have, as well as making it grow.

I came to work early today so that I get off early to run my 16 miles since I am going with the BF camping at his hunting club! Fun times.
Have a great and safe weekend out there
What are you thankful for?

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