Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Unsuccessful Miles

We all know our limits…well I guess except for Ms.Ritz she just doesn’t listen and tells the people in her head quiet! Most of us know when to stop or keep going. We know when to test our body and mind and when to let them rest. We know when we do things to hurt our selves. Taking too little time to recover, taking too much time.

In this case I took too much time, last time I ran was last Friday a 16 miler. Then I went camping as previously mentioned. I was scheduled to run Monday, I felt so sluggish. I went home after work and lie down. So yesterday (Tuesday) I go out for my 8 miler. UGH. It hurt, my shins hurt for the whole first 4 miles, I couldn’t bare myself to keep going. I wanted to cry. Maybe I should have kept going. Maybe I should have run on Monday and just sucked it up. This has been the first time this training period my shins hurt, I had been babying them the entire marathon training and getting amazing results with a lot of miles.

But I did not, now I am 13 miles behind my week’s schedule. Today I would like to get 10 miles in. I have thought about breaking up my miles during the week to morning and evening. Then I just can’t get the courage to get up out of bed. Then I question my self, am I setting myself up to hate my first marathon? I am over half way through my training. I only have 7 weeks left.

I hope that I can get my head on track; I feel that there is so much going on up there (see previous posts) This is difficult on your own to train for a marathon blindly running.

I haven’t run a race since…August. (Random)

I talk a lot of game but going and doing what I say, ha. Like last night BF wanted to go out to dinner at a local restaurant Tuesday they have ½ off burgers (beer, turkey, chicken) they grind their own meat and fresh fries. So I said that I would run 4 more after dinner. No I was tired we get home mess with the laundry for 50 mins. Watch the rest of Bucket List, cried, and went to bed.
At 8 p.m. So you would think that I would be able to get up early to go run, yeah no.
I do make it to work by 7:30 to leave early. So hopefully I will get the miles in. Maybe write down my daily goals to accomplish…I always feel good about finishing a list.

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